The Most Intense 1 day Juice Cleanse, Ever


Let me tell you about the most intense 1-day juice cleanse I just went through. Actually my pee is still red, so by right it should be, I am STILL going through. You know what happens when you let yourself go for two days at a foodie festival? You get puffy and your body will feel stuffed up – congested. That’s what happened to me for two days. After trying in vain to rid those toxins through natural ways, eating tons of fruits and exercise, I was still getting nowhere. There were little pimples popping out and I was still walking around like a Puffin except it was not cute. Thus a juice cleanse was in order. To reset my system, make me forget carbohydrates blah blah blah.

Thinking I was an experienced juicer and some hot shot health aficiondas, I got the bright idea to go on a Master Cleanse. Not that crazy Lemony-Cayenne Pepper stuff Beyonce went on. But a safer option i.e. remove the fruit-based juices and substitute with the vegetable juices. I was inspired by the Juice Cleanse Providers in the USA where they are way ahead of this cold pressed fad and offer different intensity-levels of cleanse. The most intense cleanse is literally just five bottles of green juices and a almond milk. How difficult could that be?

So I called up my ever realiable, Daily Juice Singapore, who was more than happy to send just a day’s cleanse the very next day to me. And with free delivery (hello, I’m like how in love with them now?!). I even got to pick my own juices. Go on their Facebook page and they have this new menu with numbers indicating the order in which the juices are to be drunk.

I chose the stalwart Barnie and Krypto to start. However for lunch, instead of the banana-based B Smoothie, I replaced it with Nut Mylk (now named White Rabbit). Actually any opportunity for the Nut Mylk will be welcomed. For my post lunch juices, B Positive. A zero fruits juice. Pure vegetable. Followed by Wheatgrass. Then finally ending off with Bunny Brown, the newest drink from DJS. It is a heavenly almond milk concoction with maca powder and cinnamon.

This arrangement of juices was great during the day! I cleared my system but thanks to the lower sugar juices, no experience with an energy slump. The Nut Mylk/ White Rabbit for lunch really “saved” me from going through a mid-afternoon crash. After my fourth bottle, B Positive, I was feeling naturally upbeat. No hunger cravings or for the next bottle whatsoever. Even when it was time for the fifth bottle, Wheatgrass, I skipped it. And went for a two-hour Choir class (yehhhh any activity is not advisable, by the way). I ended my evening with Bunny Browns in bed while catching up with House of Cards. The new Bunny Browns were so good with its intense chocolate flavour. It tasted exactly like Meiji Chocolate Milk except more pleasing with the cinnamon and no lactose. Although I did get terribly hungry after and had an apple and a teaspoon of Almond Butter (yes yes, I cheated. Kill me now.)


But It was the next morning that the intensity of the juice cleanse took effect. After exercising for a short while, I ran to the toilet where I proceeded to clear out for a good 10 minutes. I’m not kidding. I knew the exact time as I was playing with my phone and got up at exactly at the 10 minute mark as it was getting ridiculous. My body could not stop detoxing!!! You should have seen my ultra-flat tummy. And apparently, according to my girlfriends, flat butt too. Haha.

Honestly despite the inconvenience of racing to the toilet or spending an inordinate amount of time in it, I would go for this intense juice cleanse again. My friends, I was feeling soooo good. Even now my energy levels are so high. Plus I seem to have a new strange craving for peanuts and almonds and dislike for bread. Oh yeah oh yeah. >_<


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