Scrumptious Protein Shakes from Ritual’s Fuel Bar


After last night’s big dinner and tequila shots for second desserts at Lucha Loco (stellar service, by the way), I wasn’t in a mood for solid food today. So I called on two girl friends who happily accompanied me to grab a Protein Shake at Ritual’s Fuel Bar on North Canal Road. Ritual is a boutique gym that specialises in high-intensity interval training which alternates short aerobic exercises with recovery periods. It promises you to workout, shower and grab a shake within the space of 30 minutes. I wasn’t interested in the workout at all. But the protein shakes, oh yes please!


Ever a sucker for Peanut Butter shakes, their Peanut Butter ‘n’ Jelly shake was on my mind all morning. I read it tasted of PB ice cream. Give me one immediately. Their menu listed other delicious options too. Looks like I will be returning soon… And my two friends happily got one each too. Can’t blame them. Their vegan spaghetti from Genesis nearby was rather unfulfilling.

Upon entering the sleek gym, I was elated to find a row of my favourite Adam’s Natural Peanut Butter lined up seductively on top of the cabinet. Adam’s PB contains only peanuts and salt. Huggs used Skippy which was laden with sugar. Yesterday I saw a new tub of Peter Pan which is laden with corn syrup. -Faints- That also probably explains the price difference. $4.50 at Huggs and $7 for the “smallest” cup at Fuel Bar.  


And for the protein powder, Sunwarrior, one of the best brands for vegan protein powders. It is crazily expensive even on iHerb but perfect for the lactose intolerant. 


So $7 a cup which contains only premium ingredients, just give me one now. By the way the “smallest” cup is HUGE. I thought it was the 22oz “Heroic” cup but no… It could be two meals for 30kg girls!

Freshly blended to order, my Peanut Butter ‘n’ Jelly tasted EXACTLY like a PB ice cream. Thanks to the oats, it was so thick and substantial. My PB fix was definitely satisfied!


My girl friend’s full-bodied Yolo Rolo containing protein, coffee, avocado, figs, and dates was studded with espresso beans and tasted AMAZING! Creamy, sweet with an intense coffee flavour. It reminded me of Haagan-Dazs Coffee ice cream. I got my sights on that as a pre-marathon fuel.


My other girl friend’s Low Blow containing protein, banana, strawberry, avocado, and spinach was reminiscent of a fruit smoothie despite the brownish colour. 


It is such a delight to be close to such great shakes five days in a week. I am going to be counting on these meal replacement options frequently from here on now. 


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