Song Kee Fishball Noodle: worth breaking plans for.

IMG_4143.JPGLast night’s dinner at Song Kee Fishball Noodle was purely accidental. Or the result of sheer lack of willpower. I was saving up my once-a-week dinner for this Thursday. It’s Associates’ Drinks evening and a feast of fried chicken wings and ice cream sandwiches were in order. A bowl of Fishball Noodles threw those plans aside. So I guess NOW the plan on Thursday is to order in and quickly run away before I give in to temptation… Wish me luck!

I spent the WHOLE of Sunday at Lazarus Island celebrating the Neptune Regatta. Essentially a few boats docked together near the shores of Lazarus Island, and people just boat-hopped and partied. My friend and I did nothing but sun tan, drink, and engaged in some light swimming and standing up paddle board (I loved it! If not for the sun, I would happily take it up as a hobby). After the tiring day of being an absolute bum, I was all ready to head home. But when I arrived on the main island, my parents texted they were queuing for dinner at Song Kee. It was going to take a good hour for their dinner to arrive. Perfect. I missed them badly so I grabbed a cab from Keppel and joined them straight at Upper Serangoon Road. My original plan was to chat with them; update them about my lazy day.

But my plan was quickly thrown out the window when I saw the coffee shop FILLED with people eating big red bowls of noodles with monstrous sized fish balls. I could.not.resist. So I got myself a large bowl of soup with ingredients; no noodles.


What a joyous bowl it was! The four handmade fishballs alone took up half the bowl. The other half was occupied by Fried Tofu filled with fish paste. Underneath it all were handmade fish dumplings resembling white stingrays. While the fishballs were good with it’s fresh taste, it lacked certain bounciness.

It was the triumphant white fish dumplings and noodles that made dinner all worth it! When biting into the fish dumplings, one would be rewarded with uber flavourful brown fillings. I stole bites of my mum’s noodles and every strand was perfectly cooked – tender yet retaining a bite.


Song Kee was the best surprise ever! Only open in the evenings but till late, I foresee many special dinners there.


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