Il Fiore Ristorante Italiano to the Rescue!

Dear Il Fiore Ristorante Italiano, you have no idea how amazing you are! But I reckon you already know this judging by your perpetually busy restaurant packed every lunch and dinner times. Even when I called in advance to reserve a table, I still waited to be seated. It’s o.k. You took my order before seating me which assured me I was being taken care of. 

Today was one of those days when I am so damn tired of dieting. I have rolled oats in my bag, fruits stocked in the fridge, but I really needed FAT. Lard and carbohydrates. I also wanted to eat unabashedly. To let go and eat without worrying about any damn calorie. So I rounded up two colleagues, crossed the road, and down the stairs into the dungeon of a restaurant.

We began with an Otah to share. Tradtionally, a fish paste with spices wrapped & grilled in fragrant banana leaves, yours looked like it rolled straight out of a plastic packaging from the grocery store. I had zero expectations. But quite frankly, it was good. Large bits of prawn and fish with a pungent fish paste.  


But I want your chicken wings and luncheon meat fries next.

My lunch companion and I shared two carbohydrates-heavy main courses. Lately I have been ingesting so much protein (shakes and salad) that today I swear I might actually puke if a piece of chicken was placed in front of me.

I selected the Sambal Luncheon Meat Fried Rice. It came topped with a beautiful fried egg whose yolks were still runny but whites firm. The extra crisp brown around the whites were sexy!


To describe this dish as delicious would be unkind. I am going to call it stellar. Large cubes of luncheon meat fried till the exterior of every piece was ultra crusty. The sambal fried rice was dry and smoky – devoid of any oiliness and of course, nutritional value. Undeniably, heart-wrenchingly good.

And we ordered the Signature Fried Bee Hoon which was served with TONS of fresh seafood. Told you I was letting go this afternoon. My only gripe was your small portion! But other than that, damn, what a delicious plate of seemingly simple noodles.


The noodles here were wetter than the fried rice but still didn’t feel oily. Every bite tasted like heaven. I was probably in one – I spend wayyy too much time depriving myself of food.

Thank you Il Fiore. With the caloriffic food in my tummy, I am all ready to conquer the day!


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