Splendid Set Lunches @ Sushi Kuu

Sushi Kuu, an offshoot of the famed Hong Kong restaurant, is a pricey place to eat. This afternoon, almost every table ordered big fanciful bowls of colourful sashimi and platters of intricate sushi, some topped with a prawn head each. They were no doubt expensive. It is hard to imagine my prudent family doling out large chunks of money just for lunch even on a special occasion like this afternoon; my Dad’s birthday. But weeks ago when my sister reported back about their Set Lunch Menu with dishes from $32 to the priciest Sea Urchin option at $66, it seemed reasonable to us and we pounced on Sushi Kuu in no time.

Located on the first floor of Palais Renaissance, the Set Lunch options, consisting mostly of a protein with rice, were surprisingly long and varied. More affordabl-y, every dish was served with a bowl of miso soup, udon(!), and ice cream; it seemed value-for-money. Turns out, the set lunch was a steal as every dish was served in huge bowls or plates with generous portions to match. Even more impressively, every dish was intricately plated and flavorsome.

This afternoon, most of my family were going through a healthy phrase. Five out of seven of us went for the eatery’s popular Assorted Sashimi or Sushi options which dominated the menu. Every dish consisted of an abundance of fresh and sweet seafood. Needless to say, everyone was satisfiable-y filled to the brim.

My Dad’s gorgeous Assorted Sushi Cube on Sushi Rice:


Both my sisters went for the Assorted Seafood on Sushi Rice


My eldest brother-in-law’s 5 Kinds Assorted Sashimi:


On the other hand, my Mum and I threw caution to the wind and indulged. We went for their Beef Sukiyaki in Hotpot with Rice and for me, Deep Fried Black Pork with Curry Rice. Now I know where my weak willpower comes from…

The tender slices of beef in the Sukiyaki set was delicious! However the rich Sukiyaki broth was a tad sweet. 


My Deep Fried Black Pork with Curry Rice was excellent. It made my day. The portion size may be daunting at first but the fragrant Japanese curry with its deep earthy tones lured me in and caused me to clean out the plate. No chance of a “light lunch” with this dish. Especially so when each thick piece of panko-crumbed black pig tonkatsu was impossibly crisp and fattening-ly juicy. Damn.


The Japanese curry may seem unattractive and akin to slug but its unusual “rough” appearance was due to an abundance of pork bits (!), tender onions, and grilled potatoes and carrots. A comforting flavorsome curry was assured.


For ice cream, there was a choice of three flavours: Yuzu, Green Tea and Sesame. Most of us went for the Yuzu which was perfect.


Good food, reasonably priced, warm service, and ultra luxe atmosphere, I really enjoyed Sushi Kuu. We were served warmly despite being one of the few tables that afternoon having the set lunches. No one made us feel less of a customer just because we didn’t go for their extravagant sashimi bowls or their $100 sushi. I will be back, for sure.


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