Sunday’s Eats: Sushi Tei and Chalk Farm @ Paragon Shopping Centre

Sunday is family day and today, we hit up Paragon Shopping Centre for good food. Although a mall, it was a good place to while away the restful day. First we went to Sushi Tei on the fiifth floor for lunch. Sushi Tei is highly popular in Singapore. At lunchtime, unless you are as eager beaver as us, be prepared to queue. It’s menu boosts pages of inviting food at affordable prices. Another seasonal menu usually lists a central ingredient with variations of dishes created around it. However the Japanese food is not entirely authentic. It definitely has been localised for the Singapore palate. With 15 outlets, most conveniently located in suburban malls, it is the place to go to whenever us Singaporeans need a Japanese fix. 

Today I learned that despite the same menu, not all branches are equal. One of my sister frequents the Paragon Shopping Centre branch. I could never understand why due to the two outlets I frequent; Raffles City (so-so) and Thomson Plaza (always disappointing with its cardboard-like food). But this Sunday afternoon, our family lunch saw us head down to the Paragon branch. There I witnessed for myself the huge difference in quality between the branches because lunch was superb! It ain’t no fine-dining or creative but did not stop us from stuffing ourselves silly with a healthy mix of carbohydrates. The dishes that required deep or stir-frying in particular were so good!

Three dishes stood out. My choice of Kani Ikura Crab Fried Rice with Salmon Roe arrived on our table to much “oohs” and “ahhs“. It was impressive, alright with the glut of vibrant salmon roe atop a mountain of loose fried rice. With the generous charred bits of egg and crab, it was just begging for us to dig in. And so we did. We dived in and every bite was mighty delicious!


My brother-in-law ordered a Ten Don, Ebi and Yasai Tempura atop a bed of rice drizzled with sweet sauce. Naturally, we stole some bites then we quickly realized how addictive the sweet sauce was. The more we ate, the more we wanted. The small Don was never going to be enough for my family of 8 so we ordered a Ebi Yasai Kakiage Don.  Damn was this goooodddd! The rice was drowning in the sweet sauce and the prawn-onion tempura was expertly deep-fried.


After lunch, we brought our stuffed selves downstairs for dessert! Paragon Shopping Centre boosts many sweet spots to satisfy anyone’s never-ending love for sugar. Chalk Farm was simply perfect for us. A take-away shop selling their cakes in slices or whole, we picked up three slices for us to satisfy our sweet tooth: Dark Chocolate Olive Oil, Macadamia & Salted Caramel, and Nonya Kueh Salaat (so popular with many slices reserved behind the counter.)


I was dead impressed with the two western cakes. The frosting were perfect with them being rich, thick and smooth. The sponges did not let us down with its moist fluffiness. In the case of the Dark Chocolate Olive Oil, the earthiness of the olive oil was a little disconcerting at first but after a while, the chocolate fudginess was such a delight!

It was an easy restful Sunday. Thanks to the good food, we are all ready for the five day work week!


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