A BBQ Sausages Party

Hello!!! How was your weekend?

On Saturday, I spent the evening in except I did not partake in any “homebody” activities. That’s because I co-hosted a BBQ Sausages Party with a new but already very dear friend, SY. You may recall we went to Epicurean Market together and KILLED it? You can never tell but SY and I have been friends for only about three months. Since then we learnt we have shared many common interests (food!) and more importantly, similar views on life. SY is also wonderfully patient. Next to my omnipresent anxiousness and stubbornness, she is the best girl friend I could ever ask for.

You might also recall during EM2014, we purchased sausages from the re-branded Swiss Butchery? Well on Saturday, we made good use of them. Our BBQ Sausages party was a blast! Of course it would be hard not to be. The title itself ensures a good time. Throughout the evening, the theme never failed to tickle ALL the guys. All night long.

The food was good but secondary because the guests were the highlight. SY and I called friends from our respective social groups. So guests were from all walks of life, wholly different backgrounds and countries. Most didn’t know many when they arrived. But you would never have been able to tell as everyone got along swimmingly! Everyone showed up ALL IN with open hearts and open minds. So much banter and laughter were tossed around. Incredible! Personally for me, this was extremely heartwarming as this was precisely the type of party I have always envisioned. New friendships were forged, and I know from hereon now, they will only be one that is long and meaning. I could not have asked for more.

For the first time ever, I spent little time snapping pictures because I was too busy sharing and laughing with my friends. But here is quick summary of what we did.

The best buy of the evening were these Hotdog Buns.


When decided on the party theme, I was adamant NO Gardenia Hotdog Buns were to be used as the carbohydrates even though they were easily obtainable. You KNOW what Bread-nazi I am and those Gardenia ones are densed and gum-achingly tough. So there was absolutely no way was I ever going to let them pass the lips of my friends. SY was most understanding of my pain for sad buns – another reason why I love this girl!

She suggested we get classic, simple white buns from nondescript neighbourhood bakeries. This was going to be hard as such bakeries are usually more low-profile on the Internet – making them hard to locate. But as luck beholds, SY walked downstairs and found her neighbourhood bakery selling those hotdog buns. For $1.60 a pack (three packs on the plate), they were so darn cheap and so damn delicious. Fluffy and easily absorbing any fat (we brushed the fat from the caramelised onions), toasted them on the grill before sandwiching a sausage. Perfection. Crusty on the outside, perfectly fluffy on the inside. They were like the ones used for Lobster Rolls at restaurants and probably were. I still can’t get enough of them.

Aside from the SB sausages, we got a jar of traditional German Bockwurst just because it was Oktoberfest. Soaked in brine, they did not look appetizing at all. And I was told, by a German no less, tossing them on the BBQ pit was the incorrect way of cooking them. They were meant to be boiled. Ooops! Although BBQ-ing them did not take away their surprising deliciousness!


We set up a Condiments table where guests could help themselves to whatever combination they desired. There were traditional hotdog toppers like Relish and Pickles, to Oktoberfest-themed pickled red cabbage and sauerkraut, to anomalies like Japanese Kewpie Mayo. Homemade caramelized onions, sliced and painstakingly cooked down by one of my Epicurean Market partner-in-crime friend, Ed, were present too.


In the end I piled on everything and had a protein-style Hotdog. Who cares? They were so good together.


For desserts, my dear friends brought deliciousness!! Soya Beancurd Tarts from Le Cafe and Chocolate (excellent!) and Green Tea croissants from Chococro. I pulled out two rectangular blocks of Raspberry Ripple and Chocolate ice cream. They were reminiscent of the ones sold at ice cream trucks complete with waffle biscuits. WAH LAH! Sweet tooth satisfied.


And we ALL know it ain’t a party until there is…







Woot woot!

This party made for a golden weekend and can’t wait to plan with SY another one soon. We got burgers on our mind. 🙂


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