Blackforest Ham & Egg Artisanal Baguette from Sandwich Shop


Recently, a baguette sandwich for lunch got me very excited. Sometime in the last couple of months since I last stepped into the cafe, The Sandwhich Shop released a new line of sandwiches and dessert treats. Ever popular for its variations of a sandwich and single serving dessert treats that won’t cause a dent in one’s calorie-wallet (like single sliced pound cakes and dessert pots for one), it was the new range of Artisanal Baguettes and Cheesecake pots that got me excited. I picked up a Blackforest Ham and Egg baguette for lunch while lusting over the Lemon Cheesecake Pot – the tri-coloured layered dessert was engulfed with the most inviting crumbles.

While the fillings of my sandwich were not new, the stellar baguette stole the show. Toasted warm, exteriorly crusty but so tender within, it was most palatable. And also good enough for me to ignore the dry fillings. After finishing my sandwich, I bade farewell to my waistline and plotted my next baguette conquest. Or maybe those devilish cheesecake pots?


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