Kurobuta Pork Cheeks Burger @ Skyve Wine Bistro


Hello friends! How was your weekend? Today I must tell you about this Kurobuta Pork Cheeks Burger from Skyve Wine Bistro I had for lunch on Sunday! My MOTHER suggested Skyve for our usual Sunday lunch as she still bore fond memories of their Roast Chicken. After having it at a wedding months ago, the deliciousness still stuck with her since. My Mother is not as obssesed with food like me so for her to remember a seemingly-simply Roast Chicken spoke volumes. Eager-beaver me did not hesitate to go onto Chope and reserve us a table, pronto!

Slightly out of the way and located in an old school building, the interior of the restaurant surprised me in the most delightful way. It was utterly chic and BEAUTIFUL! Now I can see why, despite the rundown surroundings, so many weddings were still held there.


Weekends are Boozy Brunch at Skyve. The first page of the menu listed an impressive range of traditional Brunch dishes like variations of Eggs Benedict and Pancakes – Brunch-addicts rejoice! I’m sure they were delicious but it did not impress me one bit.


That’s because I was up for something big, hearty and meaty! Something that could also last me until the next morning. Thank goodness there were at least two other pages of hearty dishes listed. You probably know by now I can NEVER resist a good burger! Yesterday afternoon, it seemed like that was the only dish that was going to satisfy my three demands. There were only two Burgers options but the Kurobuta Pork Cheeks was a no-brainer. The other option was two mini beef burgers i.e. sliders. Now those I can easily get from a Raffles Place Bar after work or commonly find them at Food Festivals (now that I am an expert at them. haha!)


Skyve prides itself as a Modern-European restaurant but my Burger was so Asian. The fork-tender 6 hour braised pork cheeks in balsamic vinegar was boldly flavoured with alternating notes of savoury and sweetness. WONDERFUL. I can never resist intense-flavoured food. But it wasn’t just the big flavours that put a megawatt smile on my face. The pork cheeks reminded me of one of my favourite Chinese dishes: Kong Bak. Pork belly stewed in a black vinegar and dark soy sauce until the sauce is rendered down to a thick and caramelized saucy goodness. If you have not tried it, please promise me you will. Although there was no fluffy white pau in sight to stuff the stew pork in, that perfectly toasted sesame seed-studded bun made sure I did not miss them. And another crucial aspect: the texture of the pork cheeks. Still retaining a slight bite, I noted the pork was intentionally left to retain some texture and not stewed until it disintegrated till a sloppy mess. Mega YUMS! Hidden beneath the pork cheeks and greens, was a Kimchi salad. The addition of Korean pickled cabbage gave the whole Burger an appreciated spicy tangy kick! If anything, the stellar Truffle Fries provided the only European element to the whole dish. Gosh, they were so WELL FRIED! Every SINGLE fry was as crispy as the next. Mummy and I could not stop.  O_o

Yesterday afternoon, I was hard-pressed to find fault with my lunch choice.

Mummy got a Chicken Avocado Burrito that may not look or taste like a stunner but it was the perfect light lunch she was seeking. It’s moist fried chicken strip and refreshing avocado salsa was a versatile dish that could be a heavy meal if one ate it with the flour wrap.

But all was not perfect at Skyve. For dessert, we could not resist our favourite personal favourite, Sticky Toffee Pudding. This dainty little dessert accompanied with a creamy vanilla ice-cream topped with two macadamia nut brittles, was not stellar. I am not shy to say here, I make a better Sticky Date Pudding (US Organic Dates, now that’s the secret my friends).


The little dessert blip did not deter me from Skyve. After that burger, there seems to be a lot of potential at Skyve. Good thing, for there is still so much I want to try! Like the Roast Chicken that makes one remember months later. And the sampler dessert platter which is only available during Dinner!


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