Burger & Lobster @ Farringdon, London

It could possibly be criminal to visit London and not eat at one of the SIX Burger & Lobster restaurants! With a menu that boosts just three items, six branches makes B&L as good as an institution in London. Thus it was only fitting that would be our first stop of the trip.

We literally ran to the Farringdon branch of B&L the moment we got off the plane. With a reservation expiring within 15 minutes of the reserved time, there was no time to check in to our service apartment nearby. So we pulled along our luggages with us for a lobster feast. Thank goodness we got a spacious corner table where we could tuck our luggages to one side.

B&L has one of the simplest menu ever; serving only three things: beef burgers, whole lobsters (grilled or steamed), and lobster rolls. You might recall I specially visited The Market Grill for their lobster roll to compare with B&L? The day for comparison has finally arrived! Well tonight in London, I can proudly announce, The Market Grill’s version was better! The buttery tender brioche used by TMG triumphed mine at B&L tonight. Well it could possibly be a bad day for B&L at this branch but it doesn’t matter. My stomach only gave it one shot. And the dry bread roll with tough lobster meat-filling could not match up to the The Market Grill.

Here are some photos for you to indulge as editing WordPress posts using my phone is such a pain. x






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