Bread Ahead Bakery’s Doughnuts @ Borough Market, London

This was the stuff made of dreams. My friends, promise me when you visit Borough Market, you have to make a special effort to find Bread Ahead Bakery‘s stall. Located close the entrance of Three Crown Square, the infamous olive cheese sticks tower will be unmissable.

At the stall, and if available, you have to allow yourself to spend £2.50 on a doughnut. It will be the best £2.50 you spent. I promise you.

Doughnuts from Bread Ahead Bakery in Borough Market are ALL over Instagram. Specializing in round filled doughnuts, it seems like every sweet tooth’s dream to cusp the round babies with one hand. Even if it means icing sugar all over their hand. It will be worth it, I promise.

The doughnuts were probably the ONlY thing I wanted more than anything in Borough M. For a little sweet treat, my Fear of Missing Out syndrome was terribly strong. I assumed just one would be good. I assumed I would take a pretty picture, eat it then mission accomplished.

Except, as you may know, NOTHING EVER GOES TO PLAN! I had TWO. If not for my parents, who don’t share my love for sugar, I would gladly have gotten more!

What makes the doughnuts so f***king good?! First up the round plump shape is just so darn cute. With custard filling peeking from the top of the doughnut. It is usually adorned with a dramatic condiment like a huge bay leaf or honeycomb thus making it even more inviting!

When you tenderly press on it, it bounces back. Just like a sponge. You know there is some airy fluffy texture going on. Bite into it and the filling will burst into your mouth. Be careful! There is a whole lot of thick smooth custard/ jam in there. In fact, I had three and all of them had a filling to doughnut ratio of 2:1. Watch your soul get set on fire and revelation set in!

My first Doughnut was the blackberry; filled with the thick jam. I knew one was never going to be enough for me and I wanted the most famous one: the Salted Caramel Custard topped with Honeycomb. I waited a good half hour for this. It was worth it. Subtly savoury and the custard so fragrant with burnt caramel. The Honeycomb topped with sea salt provided an addictive crunch to the whole little shebang.

Just amazing.

Here is some Doughnut porn for you:










 I am still dreaming of this.


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