Balthazar Restaurant @ Covent Garden, London

The Cheeseburger! The restaurant!

Before last Sunday, if anyone told me I would have God-awesome Cheeseburgers at the New York City import, Balthazar Restaurant, I would have laughed in your face. Except I did, so I am now biting my tongue.

The Balthazar was the last place on earth I would expect outstanding food. When my friends suggested meeting at the restaurant to catch up after six years, I was just so excited to be in there. It had outstanding interiors and ridiculously warm service. I thought that was all was needed for my friends to impress me with their side of London. Yet the food was so memorable.

I ordered the boring option of Cheeseburger because upon entering the restaurant, many tables had at least a plate of the signature hamburgers; distinctive by its shiny buns. I knew that was going to be mine. To my utter delight, I was given a choice on how I would like my meat to be done. Medium rare. Always.

The Cheeseburger arrived dripping with cheese and the shiny bun resembled my face after a long day in the Singapore weather. As hot as it looked, the execution was excellent. The smoky grilled beef patty was a pretty pink medium rare and JUICY. With the melted cheese, my hands got so dirty with the juice all over but I joyously licked them to my heart’s content.

For dessert, another restaurant favourite was the Raspberry Soufflé. I usually dislike Soufflés as its airiness mades me think I’m paying top dollar for eating nothing. Yet Balthazar’s Raspberry Soufflé was so memorable. Yes, it was light and airy but there was a silky texture to it. It glided on my tongue leaving me so delirious with joy. The tanginess of the raspberry was wonderfully addictive too!

Balthazar exceeded all my expectations. It wasn’t just all about the looks because it had a lot of substance too.






One thought on “Balthazar Restaurant @ Covent Garden, London

  1. Your meal at Balthazar looks amazing! I was wondering if I could ask you a couple of questions via email, would you mind sending me a note at the address I’ve provided? Thank you!

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