Lily Vanilli Bakery @ Columbia Road, London

Hello my friends, I need to tell you about this little bakery that we visited yesterday morning; Lily Vanilli Bakery. If you miss this bakery just off Columbia Road in Shoreditch on your next trip to London, you will be missing out on some seriously delicious sausage rolls and gluten-free cakes.

You might be thinking, trek all the way to Shoreditch (which many would admit is in the dodgy part known as East London) for Sausage Rolls?! But I assure you, when you are exploring the famous Columbia Road Flower Market, this bakery, tucked away in a building, will COMPLETE your adventure. For a seasoned baker like me, the excellent textures and flavours offered were a revelation.

I first knew about (or saw) Lily Vanilli Bakery on Instagram. A random picture of a wedding cake (similar to this) with its imperfect icing and easy-going way of adorning with edible flowers intrigued me. The sweet bakes was just so darn inviting and this bakery was on the top of my London bucket list to visit. Just to look.

Well, except things didn’t go according to plan. As I walked into the bakery, freshly-baked sausages rolls were being transferred from the baking sheet on to the display counter. It couldn’t have been any fresher! There were two available options: Sausage and a vegetarian option (Carrot and Beetroot). I got both. Next to the display was a huge array of little sweet treats that seemed so earthly: Gluten-free Orange and Fig Polenta Cake, Red Velvet topped with pistachios and coconut, etc. I got the GF option because it’s not widely seen back home.

When I finally managed to stop taking photographs, we sliced up the savoury rolls to much crunch and crisp pastry flakes flying all over the plate. They were most delicious especially the vegetarian roll. The shredded carrot and beetroot filling was moist and slightly sweet but still so palatable. The sausage roll was a tightly packed minced pork mixture with large pieces of bacon providing texture and sharp saltiness. The most impressive part of the rolls were the filling to pastry ratio of 2:1. There was must so much stuffing! We cleanly finished the savoury rolls to much satisfaction.

The moist tender GF orange fig polenta cake was excellent with a subtle tanginess in every bite. I went back again for the Red Velvet and they gave me two for the price of one as they were small. This didn’t fare so well as it was a tad dry and densed.

Still do visit for the savoury pastries and gluten-free bakes!












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