Hola Barcelona!

Hola from Barcelona!!! It is our second day in the stunning Catalan city. And we will be here until Thursday afternoon. The weather here is perfect! Warm and sunny in the day, chilly in the evening. We may not have been here for long but we have experienced much. Here’s what so far:

The Catalans (or they could be Spaniards, I can’t tell) are FREAKING TALKATIVE! Chit-chat triumphs work. At information booths, you have to wait till they finish their conversation before asking for directions. In restaurants, if you are famished or pressed for time, NEVER engage with the service staff. If not, be prepared to wait to be seated or your order to be sent to the kitchen. Engage them after you are nice and full. They do love a good laugh and are a mischievous bunch.

Tapas 24 by Carles Aballan is overhyped and overpriced. Yep, I said it. Please don’t buy into the hype. The tapas offered in La Boqueria are so much better!

After four tapas bars, we conclude that heavy-handed seasoning is the norm. If you usually have bland food, be prepared to guzzle water at every meal. I like my food seasoned well but even here was a little much for me.

Ok so three observations so far. Have so much yummy food to share with you. Stay tuned!


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