[Barcelona] Cervecería Catalana


Cervecería Catalana is often referred to as the best tapas restaurant in Barcelona. We did not try that many Tapas Bars to agree with the proclamation but we certainly liked this place. We liked it so much, we went back twice!

I will forever remember Cervecería Catalana as the place where we had this amazing Cabreaos Egg Style. Super thin crispy potato sticks with a slightly spicy tomato sauce topped with two fried eggs (with the yolk still runny). It arrived like this:


Then the waiter proceeded to cut the eggs into pieces so that the yolks run over the tomato sauce.


He continued to mix everything together.


Then it was ready to be served. Every potato stick was coated with the delicious tomato sauce and every stick remained crispy until the very end. Incredible!


We had some unusual Tapas such as this:

Foie Gras on Jellied Pig Hoofs


On the counter in front of us was this layered Potato, Foie Gras, Mushrooms and Truffle Cream. As it also looked unusual, we did not hesitate to try it. I am ever glad my parents are adventurous eaters too.


When it arrived on our table, it sure did not look good but was bursting with flavours! Be careful, it is highly addictive. Unforgettable


Another highly unusual dish we could not resist ordering was this:

Habitas Salteadas Con Gambas Y Jabugo: mushroom, ham and asparagus


When served, it looked wilted but certainly did not lack seasoning or flavour. Mushrooms here are simply delicious and to be able to try the Spanish varieties was such an experience for us.


This Camembert croquant montaditos was a must-try. A melting cuboid camembert coated in almonds and served with raspberry jam:


Another signature: Grilled Veal Loin with Roasted Peppers topped with large salt flakes.


The Spanish love their salt! It took us two meals to get used to the heavy-handed seasoning.

Cervecería Catalana is also well-known for their Mondatitos. After our wonderful Quimet experience, we did not bother ordering too many. These two (Tuna in Red Pepper and Prawn on Crab with Sweet Corn) were not bad. I especially liked the crab version; I could literally taste the freshness.


Grilled beef steak sandwich was utterly satisfying!


We also had super fresh seafood. At this injuncture, after three days of fresh seafood, this was the norm rather than surprise but we were still “wowed” by the offerings here.

Little fried fishes. They nailed the deep-frying to the tee. Thin crisp batter around each fish was such a delight.


Super crunchy Prawns on skewers.


and… Razor clams


For dessert, another memorable dish: Creme Catalana. Like Creme Brulee, this came with a caramlised sugar crust but unlike the expected creaminess below, it was a thicker custard; sturdier cream.


Coconut Pudding“: I use inverted commas here because it was more of a wet Vanilla sponge atop a shredded coconut base. I really was expected a coconut explosion but no. I would not recommend this.


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