[Barcelona] Quimet & Quimet


Quimet & Quimet was by far my favourite experience in Barcelona.

Located in the suburban area of El Poble-sec closer to the area of Montjuic but just a 20 minutes walk from La Boqueria Market, it was the probably the closest we ever got to eating like a local. Specialising in unique and exquisite montaditos (sculpted tapas served on crispy toasted circular bread), the number of combinations Quimet & Quimet offers was simply mind-bloggling. We were so spoilt for choice!


The Quimet also serves its own-label Belgian bottled beers and its own labelled cava. The walls are lined from ceiling to floor with bottles of beers, wines and spirits from around the world.


Helmed by the fourth generation, Quim Pérez, another brilliant feature of this bar is the teeny tiny little space. There are no seats and only two small tables – it’s shoulder to shoulder standing-room only. When I first arrived, there was a little space by the bar. So we quickly plonked ourselves in front of Senor Pérez himself.


It turned out to be wise choice. Standing at the bar meant we saw first-hand the look of each dish. Whenever Senor Perez was free, he would try his best to explain to us the different ingredients and drinks. If not for us standing at the bar, I would have sadly missed this plate of gorgeous Patatas Fritas (a fatter potato chip) topped with Truffle Honey:

IMG_5571The focus here is also super fresh ingredients. We had an exciting array of montaditos such as:

The most popular: Smoked Salmon, greek yoghurt & truffled honey

IMG_5558Tuna Belly with Red Pepper

IMG_5556IMG_5557Mussels & Caviar

IMG_5567Cured beef meat & sweet tomato

IMG_5568Torta del Casar (a Spanish pungent cheese) with chestnut. When Senor Perez saw how much we adored chestnuts when we reminded him of our order, he gave us a complimentary plate of three glazed chestnuts. Love this man!

IMG_5578Salmon and thin ribbons of sweet egg.

IMG_5584Pate, mushroom & truffle oil

IMG_5581Foie-gras with volcanic salt

IMG_5583Codfish liver & tomato

IMG_5587There was also a platter of mixed cured Seafood – a local specialty.


For drinks, we had a glass of cava. A white dry for Mummy, a fruity Pink Rosa for me.


In the hot Spanish weather, the crispy sweet Cava was refreshing!


Needless to say everything was delicious! I can not highly recommend this place enough. Super fun, I will go back in a heartbeat!


So get yourself there and get cramming!

Carrer del Poeta Cabanyes, 25, 08004 Barcelona, Spain
+34 934 42 31 42


One thought on “[Barcelona] Quimet & Quimet

  1. nice website,a lot of details.concerning quimet & quimet i’d like to know their opening time and days specially in summer.
    do they accept reservation ?

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