Gold Mine Restaurant in Bayswater, London


For any Singaporean or Malaysian, Gold Mine is Duck Mecca. Whenever we are in the Big Smoke, it is mandatory to make a trip to the Bayswater restaurant and feast on a plate of THE Roast Duck. Then when one returns, the inevitable question will be “Roast Duck?” Expect judgmental reactions if one says no. Therefore no trip to London is ever complete until we have had had this Roast Duck.


What’s the appeal? You might be thinking: “it is just duck, what’s the big deal?!” Oh no, no no, no. I am talking extremely fatty duck (a thick layer of fat underneath the skin), uber-tender meat (devoid of any gaminess), and brown crisp skin. Get those three factors right and watch us South East Asians coming running!

In my six days in London, I went to Gold Mine twice. The first when my friend held her birthday party there. The second with my parents. On my first visit, I was sure to take note of other dishes besides Roast Duck that was served. Then I noticed a high frequency of Lobster Noodles being served up so I made sure this was on my parent’s itinerary. When we got there, the Lobster Noodles was our second order. Guys, the lobster was so meaty and succulent! Marvellous.


One of the non-duck dishes I adore is the Pipa Tofu; fried tofu shrimp patties shaped to resemble a pipa – a Chinese instrument. I first had this four years ago and I am so happy to announce just last week, it was still fantastic! The heaviness of the deep-fried balls was cut by the soy-based gravy. Satisfying and addictive!


To seem healthy, we needed a vegetable dish so we got this Sambal Lady Fingers. We were not expecting much but boy were we impressed! Fried until the green fingers just retained a bite, this dish alone proved the Chef here in Gold Mine is of a high calibre.


I love Gold Mine not just because the Roast Duck is so epic but they pay equal attention to the rest of the menu. Come here for an all round satisfying Chinese meal. 


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