Ottolenghi Islington, London

[Hello friends! And now I move on to my eats in London although I have a couple more on Barcelona… stay tuned on that!]

I really wanted to like this place. With the legendary cakes display like this:


And next to it, displays like these:



Or the freshly-baked cake like this Meringue on Blueberry compote on Almond Cake awaiting all to feast on:


Or the homemade jams such as Banana (delish!) and this crunchy and luscious Chocolate Hazelnut (described as a “heart attack in a jar”), that one can heap on till their heart’s content:


Or the handsome Dualit Toasters available for all to toast their bread to their desired brownness:


I really wanted to fall madly in love with Ottolenghi.

Except I didn’t. I left unsatisfied with the worst tummyache from the Goat’s Cheese.

Out of the four bakes we got, only one stood out (Almond Croissant). The other three were just weird (sesame seed topped, cumin-heavy Swiss Chard & Cheese Pie), unappetizing and massively lacking in flavour (Savoury Muffin with Goat’s Cheese, Cherry Tomatoes, Pesto and Pine Nut), or not well-executed (Orange, Currant & Oatmeal Scone – it was dry and biscuit-like. Scones are meant to be moist and sticky – it has to stick to your teeth.)


Maybe I went on a bad day. Next time I am going to try Nopi.


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