Oven & Fried Chicken at Telok Ayer, Singapore

Back in Singapore, there is a new Korean Fried Chicken joint in town!

If you are not in love with Korean Fried Chicken, what is wrong with you?! I will not allow you to judge my love for it despite it still hanging on my hips 12 hours later.

This new joint on Telok Ayer Street in Tanjong Pagar is called Oven & Fried Chicken. I’m serious. Check it out for yourself.


Dinner at OFC tonight was purely accidental. We were on our way to another friend’s cafe when a shop with bouquets of flowers signifying the opening of a new business caught my attention. I read the signboard and the name said it all. You got to admit, it was CALLING OUT to me. My companion, equally a fried chicken-lover like me, was as taken with the signboard too. And just like that we abandoned our plans and walked right in requesting for a table of three. The staff were mostly Korean save for some Singaporean teen waiters. We were in safe hands. Handed a brand spanking new leather-bound menu, the tough decision of what to satisfy us began.


OFC offers up two types of chicken. Oh wait, that was obvious right? Roasted oven-baked and deep fried; the Korean way i.e. delicate, crackly crust. But we quickly learned that at OFC, it wasn’t just any fried chicken but fried Rice chicken. I have no idea whats the difference but I can tell you, we had some pretty stellar fried Rice chicken.

No roasted chicken for us. Fridays are cheat evenings. So we skipped the selections on the first two pages and headed right for the heart-clogging options on page three. Two whole pages of fried chicken in whatever cut, amount (whole or half), and sauces you would like. This place catered to all preferences. Amazing!


You can choose either simple fried ones or fried WITH sauce. Ooo no one does great saucy fried chicken the way Koreans do. We had to get both!

Before our chicken arrived, we were served metal utensils and a square box of prawns crackers and cubed pickled radish to whet our appetites.


I pulled out my Truffle Crisps all the way from Barcelona. These were truffly good! Thin crisps rich with the fungus flavour, it’s a shame this flavour is hard to find in Singapore.


Then our heart attacks on plates arrived. We had half portion of the simple Fried Rice Chicken and half portion of the Original Sauce Rice Chicken with additional spicy.


Boy did the simple fried chicken fulfill any dreams of Korean Fried Chicken we had! The crispiest crackliest skin wrapped around moist chicken meat. A wondrous joy.


The spicy saucy Chicken was S.P.I.C.Y! The teenage waitress who highly recommended it can really handle her chilies. But the spicy sauce was so addictive! With our lips burning, we simply could not stop at one piece. With this plate, we swiftly forgot about 4Fingers Chicken. This easily trumped the Korean Fried Chicken stalwart.


Thank goodness we had iced-cold Aloe Vera drinks to sooth our lips.


Spontaneity tonight won us all a delicious dinner. But having like-minded friends who believe in the power of fried chicken to lift one’s mood is EVERYTHING.  

3 thoughts on “Oven & Fried Chicken at Telok Ayer, Singapore

  1. I recently saw those truffle chips being sold at $5+ at Kallang Leisure Park! Thought about buying them but wasn’t sure whether it would really taste like truffle. Guess I should buy it next time!

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