Borough Market – Feast Your Eyes, Satisfy All Your Cravings!

London’s oldest Market (1,000 years old!) was definitely the highlight of our trip in London. I had grand plans to embark on a Three-Markets Crawl beginning with Borough. But we filled ourselves up with so much goodies there that there was no way we could eat further. So we ended up shopping on Regent Street to walk off our full bellies. Haha.


Borough Market needs no introduction. There are many many blog posts dedicated to the AMAZING eats you will find there (here, here, here, and here). Plus with free Wi-fi, you CANNOT come to London and not make a trip to Borough. In fact, I highly encourage you to set aside a lot of tummy space and time for the stuff here. A lot of people say Borough is a tourist trap. Well, I am not sure about that. Isn’t the definition of tourist traps when one pays for substandard and overpriced food. We did not experience such in our four hours(!) there. Everything we got was worth it. And the immense size and selection in one space was amazing for us tourists. We were respectively craving something (sweet for me, savoury pies for my parents) and Borough was there to satisfy it and more. Plus it was highly convenient for it avoided us running all over town for just one good food.


My parents and I all had a favourite from our feast that morning. Mine was definitely getting my grubby hands on the doughtnuts from Bread Ahead Bakery.


On my final day in London, I could not leave without having one more doughnut for memories’ sake. It was an unforgettable doughnut and worth every sprint on the treadmill when I came back.

IMG_5859.JPGMummy’s highlight was the Scotchegg from Scotchtails.


Fried to order, each Scotchegg constituted a perfectly crisp batter surrounding tender minced pork with that perfect perfect half-boiled egg. How beautiful does that egg yolk look?!


Dad’s favourite was these god-awesome, god-damn cheap, and giant Oysters from Richard Haward’s Oysters:



Fresh palm-sized oysters… killer-ly beautiful.


My favourite part of this Oyster joint, the hand sanitizers and napkins, free for all.


Whenever Dad is in England, he has to eat a Steak and Kidney Pie. And he satisfied his craving with one from Pie Minister. It was a good call as later I learnt this stall has published a cookbook! Surely a sign of good pies.


They had the cutest named pies:


We unisonly enjoyed a Kate and Sidney Pie (A British beef steak, kidney & real ale pie)



The fillings were rich and generously filled with chunks of steak pieces with hints of the kidney. Plus that stellar golden brown puff pastry shell wasn’t just inviting, it was deeply appetizing. This pie quickly warmed our hearts. It was a good pie and I need to go back and try the others.


Cheese Toastie from the renowned Kappacasein stall.


Constituting of Montgomery cheddar, leeks, onion, garlic, and sourdough, this seemed a little bland that morning. Maybe because I just had two doughnuts before… haha. 


We also shared a carb-less platter of Roast Pork from Roast Hog


I was told this was sublime but quite frnakly, I don’t remember much of this.

IMG_4942.JPGAnd weirdly, egg tarts were sold next to this too.


Read on for more delicious pictures.


Bakewell Tarts! If I wasn’t so full, I would have gotten one.








These Cookies were huge!!!






 We grabbed a pack of this!



Figs were unusually huge in London.


Terribly overpriced but pretty plates.


These brownies had my heart.




Love love love the generous bread displays.




Too fun! Thank you Borough.


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