The Pelican: O.K. Food But Great Date Spot!

If you have been reading Thateconomist for a while, you may have noticed that updates recently have been slow and few. It is as if my epic trip to Europe last month rendered me intolerant to gastronomic food. Not exactly. I do apologize for the lack of updates for these days I have been preoccupied with Dating.

Yup, for the first time ever (and at a grand old age of 27 years old), I have decided to dive head-on into the world of dating and engage in this “game” I normally only experienced as an audience of Television Shows. At the same time, I realised the quest to get to know someone means the need for sublime food has also (shockingly) taken a backseat. The atmosphere of an eatery to encourage chatting is of paramount importance. I know. This may slowly turn into a food blog that features subpar food. But I promise you, crap food that evidently “cheats” our hard-earned money will not be featured here.

If there is one thing I learnt so far is that spontaneity and flexibility are crucial elements for a successful date. One Friday evening, my initial plan to have a quiet night in was, in the last hour of work, overturned and I found myself arranging for a dinner date with someone. But it seemed in Singapore, no reservations meant an almost zero chance of scoring a nice dating spot. The dining scene in Singapore does not seem to support spontaneity but it sure does not hinder flexiblity. 

That Friday evening, my date night at The Pelican was a perfect example on how my priorities have shifted. The food was o.k. and bordered on lacklustre but I still made a mental note to place the Restaurant on my “Date Spot” list.

When my date, pleased with the website and google results, at 6.30pm called the Restaurant, it was unable to take our 8pm reservation. But we threw caution to the wind and continued to make our way there at 8 to “try our luck”. The Restaurant did reiterate the lack of available tables but upon spotting the stunning bar with its long row of empty seats, they happily obliged with my delight to settle for that. Sitting higher up and with an overview of the whole indoor restaurant, I could easily observe all the diners AND available tables. Yes, there were available tables. Throughout the night, three(!) two-persons tables were unoccupied. That was puzzling. Why didn’t they suggest we move down at any point throughout our four-hour dinner?

Whatever! I was sitting in a beautiful luxe restaurant with a date who enjoyed the view of Marina Bay Sands. The evening could not have gone better when I realised my date firmly believed in “sharing” food too. Score for Miss YYC!

That night, we had The Pelican Burger (chopped steak, smoked ketchup, fries), Old Fashioned Crab Cakes (with quick pickle slaw), and a Blue Cheese Creamed Spinach. Another score for sharing the same preference for food!


When the food arrived, immediately I noticed something “missing”. They looked stark on the serving plates.

The Pelican Burger was not a bad burger with its perfect medium-rare and juicy steak patty and the two plushy buns. However the patty was a tad thin and bland. It was patently clear condiments were needed since the flavours could not match up. If I (or my date on his company’s account) was going to fork out $35 on a burger, a hulky and messy affair was to be expected. The accompanying fat chips stacked up like Jenga blocks were beyond cute but could have been more crisp. Plus it got a tad heavy after just one.

Not Burger Perfection.


The petite Old Fashioned Crab Cakes with quick pickle slaw definitely fared better and on our good books for the evening with its chunks of crab meat and crisp exterior. But the aioli below was forgettable and puny crab cakes seemed as if the $24 was for the pickled slaw.

The Blue Cheese Creamed Spinach was, in my opinion, poorly executed. I missed the smokiness of the blue cheese terribly and the large unevenly melted cubes looked coarse and unappetizing.


We skipped dessert as the savouries did not encourage us to be more adventurous.

The food at The Pelican may have been less than stellar but the service behind the bar was so efficient and the restaurant so so beautiful with the scenic outdoor seating. It was so hard for me to fault them for the food. I will return but will you ever read my blog again?


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