Yummy Nonya Peranakan @ Golden Shoe Food Centre: Yums Indeed!


This was YUMMY!!! Lunch from Yummy Nonya Peranakan saved me from a Green-Juice-rut. One afternoon, after days of slurping down home made green smoothies, I swore I would puke if I ingested any green stuff. I needed brown food so I rushed to the closest Hawker Centre near my Office: Golden Shoe. The smell of lard and smoke overwhelming the Hawker Centre immediately comforted my soul. If you work in Raffles Place, you will know that lunch hour means long queues at every popular stall in the two-storey hawker centre. I was so desperate for food, I headed to the stall with no queue: Yummy Nonya Peranakan. I was too hungry and short of sugar for “warning” signs – that the stall might not be good – to be raised. It turned out to be my lucky afternoon!

Displayed on two shelves were the most enticing variety of Peranakan food; distinctive from their multi-coloured curries. All the curries looked arrestingly thick and rich – my kind of food. I took one look at the hunky Chicken Drumstick and knew it was mine! What a great choice. It was HUGE, impossibly juicy and tender, and so steeped with the flavour of the curry! I had a tough time choosing the accompanying vegetables but settled on a Sambal Goreng (deep-fried Tempeh: fermented soybean cake, with tofu and green beans), and a Green Stir-fried Kailan. Extra sambal chilli was demanded.ย 

I was shocked to find my lunch cost me $5. A tad expensive considering other Vegetable Rice stalls in Golden Shoe charge between $3 to 4 for the same number and type of dishes. But what the heck, I should not be complaining! Every component on my plate was so beautifully aromatic and downright delicious. Definitely returning!


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