A Sunday Roast Lunch @ The Tavern, The Tanglin Club

Get a load of that, my friends! A Sunday Roast lunch on a Friday. I can not think of a better way to end the long week!


A slab of Roast Beef (Lady’s Cut, medium-rare) – I graciously slurped up the fats, baked potato complete with as much sour cream and bacon bits as you like, an airy Yorkshire Pudding, two huge dallops of Horseradish (whose pepperiness caused me to tear) and Dijon Mustard. Pure heaven!

Before that, we hit up the Bread Table…


Grabbed a handful of the flat Bread sticks, heated some slices of bread (the cranberry was divine).


My lunch companion got this local Kway Teow Noodle Soup. The fish cakes in the chalky soup looked most inviting.


Then we had dessert. The famous Apple “Pie”. Arrives with a flaky pastry lid on a glass bowl of apple compote.


The impossibly light and flaky lid was lifted up to be set aside.


Then the apples poured out and it will be ready to be eaten.



I am so lucky to have a mentor who is a member of the club.


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