Kisses Bakery’s Cupcakes: I’m Obsessed!


Before my obsession with Doughnuts, it was Cupcakes. My first love. I still hold fond memories of my cupcake hunt in New York City years ago. Back then I devoured 18 cupcakes in a single week. On one particular morning, I had three Magnolia Bakery cupcakes for my first breakfast. Good times!

Last night, my love for Cupcakes was definitely unfailing despite the trend dying off (in the USA, at least). My dear Mother and Sister kindly took away three cupcakes from Kisses Bakery for me. It was my sister’s company’s Anniversary party and 48 cupcakes were at the party. Thank goodness I could not make it! If I were to put my paws on them, there will none left for anyone else.

When they picked me up after the party, I squealed with delight at the tupperware containing the three cupcakes. In the space of less than half hour, I devoured the Red Velvet, Strawberry White Chocolate, and a Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip. What first struck me was how moist and velvety tender the cupcakes were! I felt as if I was biting in to a fluffy cloud. On my first bite, I was immediately transported back to my NYC-days when every cupcake was divine in texture and spot-on in flavour. And the next amazing component was the Buttercream. ALL THREE were smooth and light. Seriously good whipping effort there. Every bite of the fluffy cupcake was beautifully contrasted with the light airy buttercream.

My favourite was the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip. Described as a “peanut butter cake studded with dark chocolate chips topped with peanut butter buttercream and dark chocolate drizzle“, on first bite, it felt like Skippy Peanut Butter exploded in my mouth. I was swooning at every bite; in love with every bite. I have, officially, a sick obssession with Cupcakes, and I am not afraid to proclaim it. You can all move on to the Cronuts, Doughnuts, and other sweetlings. I will be right here enjoying my cupcakes.

Furthermore with such good cupcakes, I can just save my effort in baking and head down to their Tiong Bahru Bakery or, even better, GET THEM DELIVERED!


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