Lunch @ Google Singapore & An Office Tour


I had lunch at Google this afternoon!!! How exciting is that?! I, like everyone, have heard sooo much about their offices around the world. It is supposed to be fun, totally unique to each country it is located in, and un-corporate-like. Google Singapore definitely lived up to the reputation. It is funny because the Singapore office is located in Asia Square Towers 1 where Citibank is a dominant tenant. I am sure both offices are a complete contrast.

Google Singapore was everything I expected and more! The staff facilities were OUT OF THIS WORLD, and the air was densed and heavy with the smell of freedom and carefree vibes! But first, the main reason why I was there: Lunch.

You might have heard of the legendary cafeteria food at Google Silicon Valley. Well apparently Google provides very well for their staff around the world too. There is even a Chef in the Google Singapore’s cafeteria! My newfound friend works in Google and one day he asked if some of us would like to lunch at his office. WELL HELLO, why yes!!! I cleared my whole week’s calendar just so he could choose whichever day was good for him. He picked today, the date was set, and I eagerly awaited Google-day!

This little Android greeted me at the lobby!


I signed up at a machine in the lobby, got a badge printed out and my friend led me to the cafeteria. I nearly passed out! It was BUFFET-style!

IMG_6278A large island for Salad and Cheese…


Salad options…


The variety was INCREDIBLE! I would return just for the Salad Bar.


On one side was the open-plan kitchen and a line of hot dishes…


Another side was Indian food and Noodles Soup.

IMG_6279There was a good mix of Chinese and Western food, and the selection rotates daily. To be honest, the food wasn’t the most delicious but the variety more than made up for that flaw. Google staff are fed very well and healthily too. Both brown and white rice were served and there was a good mix of animal proteins and vegetables. The dishes (save for the fried potato waffles) neither felt oily nor heavy.


Of all the cooked dishes, I did took a liking to this Chinese Spiced Pork and Eggplant stew and Bak Kut Teh soup!


There was a bread corner with a toaster at the side and all-you-can-eat President butter.


For dessert, all you can eat cut fruits, mini pastries and cakes, and…





For drinks, there were fresh vegetables and fruits just for the Blender or Juice Presser. They were next to the fresh Orange juice presser.

IMG_6276If fresh juices are not your thing, pick from the chiller of canned and carton drinks.


Then make your way to the Kopitiam-style sitting area and enjoy your lunch.


This was my first plate.


And my second (with the de-bonned Pork ribs from the BKT Soup). I definitely enjoyed the Salad Bar the most!

IMG_6277After lunch, we tried to burn off some calories by embarking on an office tour. It was incredible!!! Every space, wall and ceiling was spared no expense and decked out!


 The “Mini” Gym…


Printing areas were named after drinks like Kopi-O and Milo-peng! Too funny. This Office Navigation Map just showed how much fun Google staff must have everyday – there is even a Napping Corner!


Meeting rooms were not spared and humourously-named too.



And there were different types of “meeting rooms” like these Google Orient Express. Again, so much fun!

IMG_6296The pantries were a right killer with the divine Cookies! We incurred more calories here…


I would return just for the cookies.


Then lo and behold, we walked into another Cafeteria! This was smaller and Park-themed. Sandwiches with hotdog buns were the dominant food here.


Oh, and this heavenly Spread-shelf was spotted.


My friend had a good time with the Tuk-tuk!


Anyone thinking of changing jobs too?

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