Sear 50RP: I Love It!


There is a new steakhouse in town!! OBVIOUSLY my usual busybody self had to check it out ASAP. Just across the road from my office on the 45th level of Singapore Land Tower, you might have heard of the extravagant $6,000 Steak with Caviar? Obviously I wasn’t having that. Sear has a great set lunch menu: 2 courses for $29 or 3 for $36. When I read about the set lunch last Sunday in the newspapers, I immediately changed the location of my business lunch and reserved a table.

What a good decision! Us five girls thoroughly enjoyed our meal! Flavourful well-executed dishes and the service staff were so, so eager to please. I am returning next Wednesday and I CANNOT WAIT!

Reporting from lunch today. The Set Lunch Menu.


Two of us got the Chopped House Salad to begin with. We were impressed with the gold cutleries.


I loved my perfectly seasoned salad. The rectangular-shaped potatoes were coated in fragrant Wholegrain Mustard. There was a beetroot jus underneath the lettuce which provided a beautiful sweet quality.


One of us got the Dry Aged Steak Tartare (Supplement $8). Raw beef lovers will thoroughly enjoy this with seasoning separated to adjust to your own tastebuds.


Another two got the Pira Grilled Foie Gras. With NO supplement required, this was so worth it!


We all got the Classic Steak Frites for the main course. Some of us enjoyed the peppery gravy but some did not. Some liked the Fries seasoning, some didn’t but we ALL LOVED the smoky charred steak. My juicy medium-rare steak was perfection.


We shared a Chocolate Mudpie that was served with Cinnamon Ice-cream. Not the best dessert in town but who cares, the steak was SO GOOD!


The restaurant was beautiful!

The Bar area upon walking in…


The first part of the dining area…


Turning into the corner…


So much light, good food, great service, can’t wait for next Wednesday!


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