Dim Sum @ Royal China, Raffles Hotel: So good!

Hello, happy Monday my friends! How was your weekend? I had two good eats over the weekend. First was Dim Sum at Royal China in Raffles Hotel, it became the perfect post-run nourishment, and the other was a superb Sunday Roast that defeated me from Level 33 at Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1.

Have you guys had Dim Sum from RC before? My go-to dim sum spot had always been Imperial Treasure (be it at the Paragon Peking Duck branch or Noodle & Congee at 100am or Ion Orchard). Until Royal China, I did not think dim sum could be sublime. Obviously, I had been living in a hole. RC disproved my narrow-minded view. Having said that, not every piece of dim sum at RC was stunning and the Tiffany-blue decor could not have been more unappetizing. Quite frankly, the colour cheapened the restaurant. But there was some seriously good exquisite pieces that would make me ignore the decor, and return in a heartbeat.

The most stunning dish that afternoon was the Baked BBQ Pork Puff (two sets in the picture). For our table of 7 persons, we ordered four sets of it because this shiny golden pastry, with its crispy flaky exterior and generous fragrant pork filling, was so.damn.good! I still dream about this.


Deep-fried yam puff with Scallop in Portuguese Sauce (two portions) was surprisingly DELICIOUS! Expectedly crisp and light crust, it was the utterly appetizing portguese sauce embracing the whole scallop inside that will make me order this again!


Other notable dim sum pieces we had were the: Steamed Bun With Salted Egg Yolk and Fresh Mango Juice (the mango juice was notably absent but the bun was so damn tender and fluffy with the generous strong salted egg yolk, definitely a must-order. In any case, isn’t the pairing of salted egg yolk with mango juice equally as strange to you?), the Royal China Dough Fritter Chee Cheong Fun (the rice noodle roll was a tad thick but paired with the thick deep-fried dough fritter, heavenly), the Har Gow (steamed prawn dumpling was snappy and with two prawns, another stunning eat), and, not pictured, the Pork Siew Mai with a wolfberry adorning each pork piece was another must-order. Chockful of pork, prawns and mushroom, kudos to RC for not only NOT screwing up this classic but made it remarkable.

IMG_6345A surprising miss was the Baked Egg Tarts. Neither sweet nor decernible in any taste, it was a waste of calories.

A surprising hit was this fried fishling/ seafood thing topped with crispy batter and spring onions and chilli. A wrong order but so addictive. We could not stop picking at it. I still have no idea what this is but do show this picture to the waitress and she will most likely know. 


For dessert, the Red Bean Pancake was like what the food blogs have been saying for ages, not good with its thick skin. But it seems RC still stands by their rendition of this classic Chinese dessert. I did enjoy the rich and smooth red bean filling though.


A great meal at Royal China, my tired legs certaintly recovered quickly and I can’t wait to go back for more.


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