Kokubo Hokkaido Custard Milk Cream Puffs


I don’t normally dedicate a post on a snack or a single dessert but for Bonjapan Station’s Kokubo Hokkaido Custard Milk Cream Puffs, they were some kind of wonderful and I HAD to share my joy.


As some of you might recall, I am my company’s organizer of the fortnightly Associates’ Food Gathering. One evening every fortnight, the company gives me a pretty generous budget to order in food so that us lawyers can hang out. Originally a drinks gathering, these days no one ever drinks. That’s because the food I order in is always exciting and people inevitably forget about drinking. I am so proud to say, no one feeds people like I do. NO ONE.

For yesterday’s gathering, I got a whole load of crowd-pleasing 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken and for dessert: Kokubo Hokkaido Cream Puffs and Eclairs from the Hokkaido Harvest Fair two weeks back in Isetan Orchard.

4 Fingers was on fine form last night! Amazingly crispy crust that failed to turn soggy even after an hour and juicy meat within. We were relieved with the quality as the last month it was not good. The inconsistency is a little annoying.

But it was definitely our lucky evening for our dessert was equally stellar! The Cream Puffs had everyone raving. Even my non-sweet tooth colleagues fell in love swiftly in love at first bite. To be honest, it was the long expiry date that first sold me. Sold frozen and three in a box, I bought them way in advance, chucked it in the freezer until the evening of enjoyment.


The funny thing is I didn’t buy so many boxes knowing they were good – I did not even try the sample. All I thought then was: (a) from Hokkaido, can’t be that bad; and (b) value for money; an offer meant I could purchase a lot – perfect since I had to feed loads.


Turns out HOKKAIDO-MADE PRODUCTS ARE UBER RELIABLE!!! Heavily promoted as a 2 way Choux a la Creme: as an ice-cream when frozen or cream puff when defrosted. I defrosted all of them yesterday evening and the choux puffs resembled Yorkshire Puddings with its light airy hollowness. Good texture but it was the smooth, luscious filling within that won us over.

There were two flavours available: Chocolate and Milk Custard. The Chocolate-flavour blew us away with the rich chocolate flavour imbued in the cream. If you look at the print on the box, there are cubes of chocolate resembling Royce Nama Chocolates. Were the Nama Chocolates used? I have no idea but dark chocolate was expertly blended into the whipped cream.


The Milk Custard flavour was similarly a crowd pleaser. I expected it to be plain and milky but it was nowhere close to boring. The custard tasted so pure with subtly notes of sweet milk as it danced in my mouth. An utterly enjoyable puff!


The eclairs, on the other hand, were so-so only. So if you can still get your hands on these puffs, be prepared to immensely enjoy them.


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