Poulet: Please Open in Raffles Place!


Unbelievably I have never tried Poulet before. You would have thought that a F&B-eager beaver like me would have conquered this French Bistro chain before it even opened their second branch? Well, no. But 10 branches later, I finally tried the famed Poulet Roti at their Raffles City branch. Let me tell you, I have been missing out big time. Because this afternoon I had really good Roast Chicken!

Served with creamy fresh button mushroom Chardonnay sauce and fresh spinach, I could not believe how tender and fresh-tasting the chicken was. My metal knife sliced through every bit so easily – I swear a plastic knife would have easily accomplished this feat too. And when I sliced into the thigh area, a whole puddle of juices flowed out. So impressive! The beautiful blistered-brown skin also stood out for its sweet caramelisation and crispness.

Around the internet, many people criticize the cream sauce. I liked it. Sure, it was not thick and creamy but that is precisely why it scored brownie points with me. Diluted cream evidenced more water than cream –> less calories. I happily slurped up the liquidy-cream, all the while imagining it was low cal. Haha.

As luck would have it, I had two plates this afternoon! You see, I was halfway through my first half-chicken (above picture), and having gobbled up all the button mushrooms and spinach, when the parts near the bone started bleeding out. It was not a pretty sight. But the service staff was so bloody efficient and apologetic when she saw the blood flowing out. She quickly removed the plate and replaced me with another beautiful half.

I scored myself more spinach and mushrooms. What a wonderful first visit!


Raffles Place-peeps might understand that our only roast chicken option is the chain that begins with Rosti. Quite frankly, the stale roast chicken from the chain is getting from bad to worse. (Don’t get me started on the Fish & Chips. It is a perfect example of how fried food can go wrong) Sure, price-wise, Poulet is more expensive given there are no sides like green peas, cauliflower gratin or salad. But for much tastier roast chicken, I will take Poulet any day. So Poulet owners, please please please open a branch in Raffles Place soon! Poulet is the perfect place to get our roast chicken fix.


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