My 5 Favourite Food of 2014!

Merry Christmas everyone! Apologies this came late but better late than never, yeah? 😉 I have been quiet here due to a nasty cold the last week. It kept me immobile and tired; even running was at a minimum. Unfortunately not the feasting. Pigged out during four Xmas dinners. Thank goodness for fruits and its natural detox abilities.

The year is coming to an end and I thought to pick out five of my favourite food moments of 2014. Every food blogger is doing this so I am jumping on the bandwagon. Narrowing down to five was hard. This year was filled with feasting, travelling and dinner parties. I ate a lot, experienced a lot, and I definitely cried for joy a lot of times over something in my mouth. But the five below bedazzled me and changed my life. Seriously. They were THAT epic. So here goes.

5) Spicy Sauce Fried Rice Chicken from Oven & Fried Chicken

IMG_5940Saucy. Spicy. Crunchy. Juicy. Addictive. There was nothing not to love about the Spicy Sauced Fried Rice Chicken. Discovering Oven & Fried Chicken completely changed my opinion on Korean Fried Chicken. After this dish, I joined the Korean-fried-chicken-is-amazing camp and wholeheartedly sang its praises thereafter. Sure, Popeye’s and KFC are good. But its Korean cousins won hands-down with that sweet and spicy sauce drowning expertly deep fried juicy chicken. It took me two tries to get used to the lingering spiciness of the sauce. And I am so proud to enter 2015 knowning I conquered it. Give me more now!

4) Cabreaos Egg Style from Cervecería Catalana

IMG_5617Who knew the combination of super thin crispy potato sticks with a slightly spicy tomato sauce topped with two sunny side-ups would work AND so brilliant well?! This was by far my parents and my most memorable dish from our epic Barcelona holiday. Yeah, the very same holiday when we had three breakfasts(!) everyday. The potato sticks, even after thoroughly mixed together with the sauces, retained its crispiness until the very last bite. Or maybe it could be because we ate it so quickly for it tasted far too lovely.

3) Big D Sliders from Southeast Sliders at Creatory Singapore 

IMG_3915I loved this for its originality, creativity and spot-on flavour! Two triangular flaky puff pastries sandwiching a delicious shredded chicken and cheese filling. It is essentially a chicken curry puff on steroids. I am so proud of this homegrown slider. It is a rebooted Singapore classic snack and a sublime attempt.

2) David Myer’s Green Papaya and Coconut Shooter, and Caramel-Soy Popcorn at Marina Bay Sands Epicurean Market 2014


Both dishes wow-ed me for its complex and bold flavour combinations. Every bite required me to savour it slowly so as to allow the flavours develop and come through. Until today I have not tried dishes as exciting as David Myer’s! I await eagerly for his restaurant to open in MBS.

1) Doughnuts from Bread Ahead Bakery, Borough Market, London

IMG_4914These doughtnuts were by far the most revelating and mindblowing experience for me this year. I never knew a sugar-ed product could be so brilliant! When you bite into the tender pillowy doughnut, a gush of cream explodes in your mouth. It will be the lightest and creamiest cream you ever tasted. Perfection. Needless to say, I fell madly in love with these doughnuts at first bite. Till today I still think of them. Whenever I am in need of a pick-me-up, I will go onto Instagram and key in #breadahead. Instant happiness. Baking these doughnuts is top of my bucket list for 2015.

That’s it! My top 5. I can not wait for 2015 and the many delicious eats awaiting me. Thank you for dropping by the past year and reading my nonsense. I hope you had many good eats as well. Cheers to you!

2015, here we come!!!


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