Chocolat N’ Spice Tarts: First Amaze Discovery of 2015


Hello friends and the happiest 2015 to you! Day three of the new year saw me accompany my parents for breakfast and swiftly ruin my traditional new year resolution: to lose weight. At Shunfu Market, a casual walk around the hawker centre led me to the display of the neatest-piped Meringues atop a tart. Famed for their muffins, I was surprised to find tart offerings at Chocolat N’ Spice. The price point of $3.50 each was too irresistible! I could not stop myself from purchasing a Lemon Meringue AND enquiring about other flavours offered. A Crème Brûlée was still being prepared in the kitchen so I milled around for a few minutes while the sugary tops were getting their torched treatment.


My parents and I were impressed by two of Chocolat N’ Spice’s tarts! We surrendered at first bite. I was seduced by the Crème Brûlée crackly caramel top contrasted beautifully with the smooth creamy filling. While Mama could not get enough of the sharp gooey lemon filling. We both agreed the sturdy buttery tart shells were simply lovely. Now we have plans to throw a party and serve up these tarts.   

Tarts that look cafe-standard but at hawker prices, what’s not to love? What a great start to 2015.


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