SPR MRKT Catering

Last night, I outdid myself again! Woohoo! Well, that’s what my colleagues declared when they saw the spread I ordered from SPR MRKT. I mean, just look at it. Won’t you be in awe too?


Some of you may already know I am my firm’s organizer of the Associates’ Gathering held fornightly. Firm gives me a generous budget and I scout for food to be delivered in at 6pm. An easy-peasy, fun job! The type of food is always junk food. The one and only time I ordered in Salad, NO ONE appreciated it; many boxes of salad were thrown away. It turns out everyone believes in the occasional indulgence.

You probably already know about SPR MRKT, a well-established cafe in Tanjong Pagar that combines cafe, art exhibition and grocery shop. Did you know they cater too? Last night, not only was the food superb and portions generous, the operational aspect was just as impressive! Delivery was on time, ample cutleries and plates were provided (brown take-away boxes included(!)). Plus there were sauces for each dish and clearly labelled. NEAT.


Now we move on to the foooooddddd…

There were three savouries and two desserts. First savoury was a special off-the-menu item: Grilled Teriyaki Pork Buns – mini deep-fried mantou buns sandwiched grilled pork belly in a teriyaki sauce. When I first this on Instagram, I immediately commented asking for this. And I SURE have good judgment when it comes to food; it was outstanding. (Of course, the same can’t be said about men but I’m working on it.) The expertly deep-fried Mantou buns were so fragrant and the pork belly impossibly tender – clear winner of the evening.


Fried Chicken Wings and Drumlets with Thai Chilli Sauce: HUGE uber-crispy thick battered and moist chicken wings – a seemingly simple dish but delivered hugely in taste and execution. Respect.


Curly Fries accompanied by Tomato and Chilli sauces – addictive and a crowd-pleaser too! Good luck resisting these crunchy goodness. We went into caveman-mood by sticking our hands in and helping ourselves. No time for serving spoons.


For dessert, my collagues could choose between buttery freshly-baked-tasting Madelines; that still tasted great the next morning, …


Or the legendary SPRMini Bread Pudding with Housemade Vanilla Sauce. Those who have visited the cafe were squealing at the sight of these minis. To say they were superb is just unkind. The luxurious Vanilla sauce were simply decadent.


But why choose either when you could have both?!

The spread was meant to feed 22 persons. Well, as my colleague said, 22 people till they explode! More than 30 of us were filled to the brim last night. Happy excited faces were aplenty! And for those who don’t do dinners (me), the brown take-away boxes came in VERY handy. 😉


Less than an hour after the end of the gathering, I found myself scrolling through the cafe’s Instagram feed making tough choices for my next order. Thank you SPR MRKT for taking good care of us and making me the most popular person in the office. 😉


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