Lady M Confections: 11 Slices Later


One of the best parts about being born into a HUGE family is sharing the love for food and adventure with a large number of cousins. My Dad has seven siblings and at an average of three children PER sibling, I have 21 cousins. Including their spouses and children… yeah, a pretty big family.

Yesterday some of us cousins decided to catch-up and feast at our favourite Hai Di Lao (the new 313 Somerset branch is an absolute dream – bright lights and spacious). After the filling lunch, we needed to sweetened our tooth. Lady M Confections at Orchard Central was the lucky destination as one of my cousins swore by it. At the bakery, markedly different preferences and a strong sense of adventure between us saw us share 11 varieties. 

After 11 slices, we all strangely shared similar likes and dislikes thus a ranking here. Covering 11 slices at one shot means a fair comparison of most of the bakery’s offerings. The cakes are ranked in order of the best (First-bite Magic) it’s Alright, to the worst (the Bad.) What’s First-bite Magic? My new favourite phrase from the NY Times:

When first-bite magic happens, I don’t settle for less. It has to be unbridled infatuation at first bite. It has to be craveable after first bite.

At First-bite Magic were cakes that we unisonly agreed were the best; that made us shout out at first fork “sooo good!” Such as the light but rich mousse within the thin layers of the Lady M® Signature Mille Crêpes that won me over instantly. It’s Alright were cakes that were good but we would only order again if the First-bite-Magic-options were unavailable. For example, the Tarte au Citron was not bad but a sharper tanginess would have been appreciated. The Bad were cakes that were most disappointing; that we would not order again unless there are no more sugar left in this world… but then again, I think we would just move on to protein! An example would be the flat unflaky-soft puff pastry of the Apple Galette or the Very Berry Tart that could have benefited from a more-buttery tart shell.


So without further ado, our final tally of the afternoon:

First-bite Magic: Lady M® Signature Mille Crêpes | Strawberry Mille Feuille (unbelievably light mousse meets unparalleled crisp mille feuille) | Chocolate Arc-en-Ciel (perfect contrasting textures meets varied chocolate richness – every bite was as exciting!) | Gâteau aux Marrons (trumphs Patisserie Glace anyday) | Strawberry Shortcake (it is close to trumphing Patisserie Glace’s legendary classic)

It’s Alright: Gâteau Nuage  | Checkers | Tarte au Citron

The Bad: Very Berry Tart | Chocolate Mont Blanc | Apple Galette


The huge glasses of water were much appreciated although two glasses were knocked over within the span of an hour. Thank you, Lady M, for putting up with our noise and spilled water.


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