Guzman Y Gomez @ Asia Square Tower: Carby but YUMS


FINALLY! After months of procrastination, I finally got my hands on Guzman Y Gomez in Asia Square’s Food Garden and was impressed! From the fragrant, saucy and tender slow roasted pork sandwiched in the impossibly-crisp Fried Taco shell to the Spicy Grilled Chicken Burrito that was jam-packed with large cubes of juicy chicken, black beans, rice and cheese with a spicy sauce harmonising all components, my best friend and I were blown away. Our two dishes were perfectly seasoned and aromatic! I craved for no additional salt. After my dismal meal in Mex-out, my expectations for Guzman was low but the obvious high quality food offered has now set my Mexican-food-standard very high. You know what else was pretty spectacular? The three complimentary sauces that was addictive and one could help yourselves to their heart’s content. Ranging from tongue-numbing spicy to a slightly-sweet BBQ-like sauce. My bestie and I found ourselves eating the thick sauces straight out of the small cardboard sauce bowl. Guzman Y Gomez has gotten me very excited about food again!


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