Brooks Marina Run 2015 21k Recap: Best Race Ever!

This was my best race ever just because the weather was amazing! An evening race that began after the sun set: 7.30pm (Woohoo!) The Singapore evening air could not be more breezy and cooling. At no point did my body heat up. It also helped that the route was super easy! Due to some last minute hiccups, the route was slightly changed. The new 21km route was essentially made of two 10kms. The 10km loops made strategizing my speed easy. I knew exactly where to pick up pace and ended with a splendid sprint. This is my new favourite way to end a race after I read an article on Runner’s World. You have to do it too! Sprint at the very end. I swear you will be so high immediately after the race and no matter how disappointed you are with your timing, you will still be so pleased. Thanks to Safari Zoo Run last week, I gave myself ample rest beforehand. There was an afternoon nap and I borrowed tons of fashion magazines from the library to keep me on the couch the entire afternoon. It worked like a charm. My legs felt “fresh” in the evening. Tons of water were also drunk. I swear I drank litres during the day. At no point during the run did I ever dehydrated. I only sipped some water at certain hydration stations. Wonderful! You have no idea the power of water for runners.

Having said that, the race was not as well organized as the Safari Zoo Run the week before. There were NO isotonic drinks provided at the hydration stations. And the volunteers at some point could not cope at the hydration stations. In addition there were no bananas left at the finisher station although red apples were available.

This race was also straight-up different. There were only two race distances: 10k and HM. No 5k. That and 10k commonly go hand-in-hand. Second and unusually, the 10k event began first. I don’t recall at any race the shorter distance beginning first. This meant 21k-ers lost the privilege of arriving first and “chopping” parking lots. Boo 😦

Final timing is not yet but I ran a rather disappointing 2hrs 9 mins at a pace of 6:61. Definitely slower than last Saturday at the Safari Zoo Run. Still I have the year ahead to make magic happen. For now, Penang tomorrow!


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