The Green Corridor Run 2015 Race Recap

Two Sundays ago, I ran in the second wave of the The Green Corridor Run. Although only a 10.5km run, it was by far my hardest run to-date. The thought of the run two weeks later still scares me a little. Unbelievably, the run was even more difficult than the Stand Chart Marathon back in December! Not kidding. Below is a recap on my first ever TGCR experience.

First up, let’s talk about the race.

Held at the old but charming Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, the second wave began about twenty minutes later due to the water bucket carriers in the earlier wave taking longer than expected. No big deal and not the fault on the part of the organizers. But it also meant the race began at 9.40 am. No joke. Unfortunately this year the Singapore weather was a COMPLETE contrast to last year’s race. The Sun was shining so proudly on us. It rained last year, I heard. The twenty plus-minute wait at the start pen under the blazing sun was tiring enough.

The route where the train tracks used to lie was treacherous. Obviously because trains don’t need shade, there were barely any trees along the route. The only respite from the sun was underneath the flyovers or bridges. There are no words to describe how uncomfortable running under the blazing sun was. The hot weather also make the trail route another major challenge. Rocky at my many parts, the rocks were loose thanks to the dry and cracked up ground.

If not for the weather, the race would have been good because it was so well-organized (the delay only a slight blip)! Hydration stations were placed at easy-to-remember marks: 3.5, 5 and 7.5km. At each hydration station, a lot of volunteers standing in front of the tables of water handing out to runners. Don’t expect cold water in the weather man. I was just grateful for the water. At the same time there were clear distance markers at every half or full km mark. I was well-impressed! (Note to Brooks Marina run organizers…) At the end, us runners were rewarded with a cheap plastic medal. I finished the race at a snail timing of 1 hour and 2 minutes.

At the end of the race, there was a HUGE spread of isotonic drinks, cold water, bananas AND apples. Thank you organizers for spoiling us! Plus loads of fun photo-taking opportunities. I did not hang around after grabbing the refreshments. I bolted right out of there and headed home to stand under a cold shower.

The logistics of the race needs a mention too.

If you study the map fo the race route, it is clear the start and finishing points could not be further away. On the morning of the race, like many, I parked my car at the finishing point next to the late King Albert Park MacDonald. My intention was to cab to the starting point. At the main road, after failing to grab a cab, a lorry with the The Green Corridor logo horned for us. It was picking up runners and driving us straight into the car park of the old railway station. FOR FREE! How amazing and kind are the organizers?! I could not stop counting my lucky stars! I can’t comment on the baggage drop system as I did not bring anything more than my phone and car keys.

Despite the tough run, next year I will definitely run this race again. Although I will bare in mind to sign up for the first wave and train under the sun more prior.


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