Miss YYC Is Back From Seoul, Y’all!

Hi everyone!!! This place has been a bit quiet lately because I was in Seoul this past weekend! A short three and half days firm trip in the HUGE city. I know, my firm is extremely generous. Our time there may have been short but man, did we really live it up! I slept on average three to four hours each night. The Koreans are hardcore party-goers with a stamina to rival only the Indonesians. The Koreans definitely, hands down, put us Singaporeans to shame when it comes to consumerism. As it was mostly a free and easy trip, my friends roamed around the sprawling city taking in as much as we could with a vengeance. We arrived back in Singapore fatter, broker and sicker than ever before. I left my voice in the 18-million population city. There were some many memorable eats. I will post them up in the course of the remaining week. But for now, I shall leave you with one advice: DON’T GO TO GWANGJANG MARKET. It is a tourist trap. However, not due to the exorbitant prices (it was surprisingly not), but rather, for the low-quality food abound. 


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