SPR MRKT Catering: Always Reliable & Delicious

Thanks to SPR MRKT, for two sessions in a row, I was the most popular colleague! Yeah! Who doesn’t love to be loved by many?! (Read here for details on my part-time job as Feeder and the continuing series.) I love ordering from SPR MRKT as they are flexible, accomodative, and efficient. Whenever a menu is sent over for my review, any suggestions would be quickly addressed. The menu would be promptly amended to suit my colleagues’ penchant for deep-fried grub. Plus I can count on their punctuality. 6p.m. sharp. Always. Needless to say, the food is always delicious or sublime. Each order is supposed to feed 25 pax. But I reckon it can easily feed 30 and above. SPR MRKT is that generous with the portions.  

Two weeks ago, the menu for the evening was Chicken Satay, Herb-crusted Fish & Chips with Tartare Sauce in a bag, Fried Chicken Wings with Paprika and Thai Chilli Sauce, Mini Tiramisu, and Canele. An exciting array of food made even more exciting by the superb quality.

The Herb-crusted Fish & Chips with Tartare Sauce in a bag was such a crowd-pleaser as each colleague “owned” a bag. Each contaied a chunk of fish and skinny fries. We sure felt like kindergarten kids at a birthday party except these bags were filled with yummier stuff. My colleagues raved about the tartare sauce and sturdy chunk of white fish. My advice: be very careful of those chips – highly addictive.

The Chicken Satay was not your usual fatty meat on a stick. This was a whole slab of boneless chicken thigh topped with the most texturous and peanut-y sauce. Subtly sweet, it took a lot of willpower for me to not scrap off the peanut sauce from the other skewers. The Fried Chicken Wings with Paprika and Thai Chilli Sauce was a satisfying take on the classic bar snack. The thick crunchy batter, albeit someone in the kitchen was a little too heavy-handed with the seasoning, left us all very happy. The Thai Chilli Sauce was served in separate containers – win.

This cafe has always killed it when it comes to desserts and that evening was no different. The boozy Mini Tiramisu were each topped with generous shaved chocolate! Say goodbye to self-control and your waistline because you will not be able to stop at one. I know my colleagues fought a tough battle. One had four(!) of those sweet innocent-looking Caneles. I can’t blame them. Custardy interior paired with a burnt caramelized exterior, it may not be the best I had but was a good effort. (FYI, my best Canele ever was Momofuku Seiobo)


Two weeks later and last night, I had to order from SPR MRKT again. This time a completely different menu: Grilled Paprika Beef & Vegetable Skewer, Tortilla Chips with Con Carne Salsa and Sour cream, Shrimp Paste Chicken Thigh with Sriracha Sauce, SPRMRKT Mini Bread Pudding with Housemade Vanilla Sauce. However I feel my colleagues are getting spoilt by SPR’s food. They moaned and missed the Herb-crusted Fish & Chips from a fortnight ago. They said the shrimp paste chicken thigh was a tad salty (until someone did a miraculous thing: dip in sour cream from the tortilla chips – complete game-changer!) For the next few sessions, I hope they like MacDonald’s. Nevertheless the spread last night took their breaths away. Can you blame them?

There were two epic trays of Tortilla Chips with Chilli Con Carne! Carb heaven! And the chips were, hands down, my favourite of all the SPR MRKT grub. Truly satisfying comfort food.

The Salsa and Sour Cream were packed separately ensuring the chips arrived crunchy. Another reason why I love SPR MRKT. Food always arrives piping hot and fresh!

The Shrimp Paste Chicken Thigh or Hai Cheong Gai with its super crisp chicken skin and juicy meat had most of the crew congregating around the tray. At the end, when the chicken was finished, people were still picking at the leftover chicken skin.

Two tubs of Sriracha Sauce, also separately packed, in ice-cream-like paper containers. We sure had a wild time dipping into the sauce. Then a colleague dipped into the Sour Cream from the tortillas and we fell further in love with the fried chicken. The heaviness cut by the tangy cream – LOVELY!

I did not take a clear shot of the Grilled Paprika Beef & Vegetable Skewer because it did not look appetizing but I was so wrong! This was a piece of steak on a stick. Each piece of juicy tender beef was threaded with grilled zucchini and peppers. Those who could take beef last night all fell madly in love with the smoky beef flavour. Plus many pieces still had luscious beef fat on it. By the time I found out about its tastiness, my hands were too oily to take another picture. First world problems.

The SPRMRKT Mini Bread Pudding with Housemade Vanilla Sauce, packed separately, was unsurprisingly a crowd pleaser. The only complaint that night: inadequate. My complaint was that the size was a perfect fit to pop the whole damn thing into the mouth; i.e. bread pudding poppers! Terribly addictive, this dessert yet again only served to bring us tremendous joy and ruin our waistlines. 😦

SPR MRKT Catering never fails to deliver. It is wonderfully comforting to know where one can go for reliable food providers. Enquire with the cafe on their catering services. Cutleries and paper plates were always provided. Except we did not need them as we are savages. Check out their blog or mine, for ideas on your own menu. They are extremely accomodative and by the looks of things, value-for-money. You won’t regret with them. My Mum wants to organize a gathering just so she can cater from them. 🙂         


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