Llao Llao: I Finally Found My Dream Combo

 I’m crazy about Llao Llao. I really like the frozen yoghurt. The tanginess reminds me of Greek yoghurt; a food I fell in love with while on a low-carb diet. So a frozen Greek yoghurt with lots of sinful toppings to choose from? I like to think Llao Llao was made for me! However the long queues at every visit always gives me a huge reality check – Llao Llao was made for everyone. Haha. 

I also have a major obsession with the Biscoff Lotus Cookies components: the thick caramelized cookies sauce and crunch. In fact, despite my many visits, I have not tried the other sauces. I just can’t get enough of the cookies sauce. 

My love for Llao Llao has gotten to the point that I must have a cup at least once weekly. But it took a lot of trial and error for me to find my perfect combo. On my fourth visit, I found my dream Combo. A combo I cannot foresee changing anytime soon. A medium-sized with 3 toppings: Caramelized Cookies Sauce, for the crunch, Biscoff Cookies and Filipino® biscuits. 

To me, fruits and caramelized cookies just don’t go hand-in-hand so I never went back for Sanum. The small-sized portion with just one topping is unsatisfying; I need BOTH the cookies sauce AND the crunch. Hence the medium-sized with 3 toppings is how I like to roll. With regard to the third topping, it took a while for me to find  it. It is hard to find a crunch that complements the cookies. The Dark Chocolate Peanuts is a poor substitute for M&Ms Peanut. And I just don’t get the chocolate granola crunch despite its popularity. It is neither crunchy nor chocolatey. However the Filipino® biscuit is perfect. Its lack of distinct flavour means the cookies does not “fight” with it. It is remarkably crunchy thereby making every bite exciting. I am so pleased with this combination. 

What’s your favourite Llao Llao combo? Am I missing out on other dream combinations? How’s the Raffaello sauce? Let me know!

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