The Sushi Bar, NAC: Wouldn’t Order Anything Fried

When my family hit up The Sushi Bar at Ngee Ann City, I let out a “FINALLY. We made it!” It was hard to ignore the new branch of the famed Japanese restaurant in Far East Plaze. On Instagram, bowls of their Wagyu and Chirashi Dons were everywhere. As a social media whore, The Sushi Bar slowly became high on my FOMO-Bucket-List. Now I have two pictures from the restaurant on my IG gallery and not ashamed to say, pleased as a punch! 

For us first-timers, my parents and I thoroughly enjoyed many dishes. However I realised these were centered towards the raw dishes. For example, their Chirashi and Aburi Chirashi Don, Wagyu Beef Don, and even the uninviting-looking Pitan Tofu which tasted so good. I definitely preferred our lunch venue to Sushi Tei that specializes in terribly under-seasoned food. My first thought whenever the eatery is mentioned: soy sauce. However I had a big gripe with The Sushi Bar. I simply could not ignore the smell of rancid oil from all the deep-fried dishes we ordered. It was an off-putting smell that rendered me unable to go for seconds. What’s up with that? However we will still return. The fresh and thickly-cut sashimi is too hard to resist. Plus the sauce in the Wagyu Beef Don was most addictive. Not even the slow incompetent service (tables of crockeries left unclear for a long time after the diners left) will deter us.  

Our lunch – The Good & Must-orders!

Pitan Tofu


Weekend rocks! 🐮

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 Aburi Kaisen Chirashi Don ($26.90)

Salmon Aburi Roll ($14.90)

Grilled Hamachi

The above items satisfied us immensely. However those below, order at your own risk. 

Tonkatsu Curry Rice

 Dragon Roll ($25.90) – love the idea: Japanese Prawn Tempura rolled with rice topped with slices of eel and avocado but the Tempura reeked of rancid oil…


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