Motorino Pizza: Beautifully Bland

After four aesthetically stunning pizzas, I found New York’s Motorino Pizza to be bland. I much preferred the punchy flavours offered by the West Coast pizzeria at M.B.S. However at the equally-renowned East Coast pizzeria, the thick spotted crust smelled heavenly; smoky and addictively chewy. But it was their toppings that left me unimpressed.

For example, take the Brussels Sprouts & Bacon. I was most looking forward to this. Generously topped with semi-roasted brussels sprouts leaves, it caused the whole pizza to taste green and slightly grassy. The bacon flavour was barely-discernible bacon given the overwhelming “green” flavour. 

Another pizza I was most looking forward to: Cremini Mushroom & Sausage. Again arriving generously topped with semi-cooked slices of brown mushrooms and minced pork. This was hardly palatable but memorable for why mushrooms should always be cooked down. Now I know why I never eat brown mushrooms raw off the supermarket shelves. At the same time, right then and there, I missed the Fennel & Sausage Pizza at the West Coast pizzeria in MBS. 

However all was not lost. I did enjoy the Fresh Clam pizza. Although the clam flavour could barely be tasted, I thoroughly enjoyed the thick layer of Mozarella cheese that became chewy when cooled. 

The Margherita was beautiful but forgettable…

We did begin our carb fest with some appetisers. Out of five, I enjoyed one: Roasted Chicken Wings. The juicy and meaty wings embodied a smoky barbecued scorched skin. The best I ever tasted. 

The luscious-looking Motorino’s Meatballs were forgettable although the texture was pretty remarkable. I heard suction sounds when I pierced my spoon into it.  

I don’t remember the two salads we shared although the Caesar Salad with the generous shavings of fresh Parmesan was stunning.

The Steamed Clams “Al Bianco” were forgettable.

Two desserts: Tiramisu was executed well. 

The Torta Al Cioccolato w/ Crema Inglese (flourless dark chocolate cake with vanilla cream sauce) was thick, rich and fudgy but I remembered Chocolate Origin tasting like that. 

When our order was taken, we noticed it was not written down. Thinking the short menu made it easy to memorise orders. We realised after the meal one of our appetisers, Roasted Mortadella, didn’t make it onto our table.  Forgetful as they may be, the service at Motorino was still impeccable! They allowed us to bring in our own birthday cake, provided a candle for us, and even provided fresh plates and cutleries for our cakes. (A stark contrast to my experience at Providore in Mandarin gallery; they cleared all our cutleries upon seeing our cake.) If I return to Motorino Pizza, it will only be for the service. 


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