Sunday Folks: Hype Totally Warranted

Finally! Last weekend I finally visited Sunday Folks and indulged in their soft-serves. On my first visit, I liked it so much, I went back again the very next day. Twice in the same weekend, Sunday Folks is officially my newest obsession. I have to be honest, it is not just the delicious desserts that made my visit a fruitful weekend. Visiting this soft-serve joint at Chip Bee Gardens also rendered me less of a country bumpkin and squashed my FOMO. That’s because the picture-perfect swirly soft-serves on stacks of square waffles are everywhere on social media! It was hard to ignore the electronic noise. After months of lusting over the sundaes surrounded by bits and bops of sweetlings on Instagram, I knew one of their sweet creations had to be on my Instagram wall too. With my sugar-hating-parents out of town, the time for Sunday Folks’s soft serves this weekend was now or never! 

On Saturday afternoon at 2pm, the cafe was packed! At ninth in line, I could not be bothered to wait for a table. So I got myself a take-away cone. But what first struck me was how pretty the cafe was! Predominately copper with wood accents to soften the interior. I was expecting rundown and industrial but the interior was totally charming. No wonder it is so popular. 

The toppings selection at the front counter was a teaser of good times to come. I had a tough time making my choices. 

  They served whole cakes too. While they looked good, I was there for one purpose: the soft-serve. 

Wall-mounted soft-serve taps. The thought of never-ending soft serves… Heavenly.

For my first Sunday Folks experience: a Roasted Pistachio soft-serve in a cone plus an extra Gula Melaka Mochi topping cause it sounded so unique. Although the Mochi turned out to be insignificant given its subtle flavour, I loved my cone! The rich nutty soft-serve, the huge crisp and fresh-tasting charcoal waffle cone that tasted so much like chocolate plus the crunchy cornflakes at the bottom which went so well with the pistachio flavour. I was hooked. I wanted more! The waffles were high on my craving list so I made it happen for my lunch on Sunday. 

This time I went back at 11.45am when the café opened at 12pm. Surprise surprise! No queue in sight and was the first to sit outside waiting. Ain’t nobody gonna take my waffles away! Once in, my girl friend and I went all out. Each of us got two waffles with our soft-serves plus three toppings. Go big or go home was my mantra that afternoon! 

While many said the roasted pistachio paired the best with the waffles. Pistachio soft-serve for two days in a row was a bit excessive. So I gambled with the Dark Chocolate soft-serve. There was a good chance the chocolate flavour would not be “full-on” leading to utter waste of my money and calories. But no. Sunday Folks proved me wrong. The chocolate flavour was as rich and luscious as I hoped. Right there and then, the $12.90 price tag for the soft-serve and waffles alone was so worth it! 
The three toppings I got: Almond Brittle, Sea Salt Chocolate Honeycomb, and Caramel Popcorn elevated the waffle stack to a whole new level! Altogether $18.60 for my plate, an orgasmic experience. The thin almond brittle snapped beautifully, the sea salt chocolate honeycomb was harmoniously sweet and savoury. Gorgeous. I cannot recommend the two toppings enough.    

I get the hype with Sunday Folks. Now I have not one but two pictures of the beautiful swirly soft-serves on my IG wall. But I know a return visit is in order.



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