PS Cafe Dempsey Hill: Still Good Times


A long time ago when I was unemployed and had all the time in the world, I hit up the Dempsey Road branch of PS Cafe like no other. The Reuben Sandwich, Truffle Fries and desserts; my money flowed towards them and I did not have a care in this world. These days work has taught me to think long and hard about the rationale behind an overpriced brunch. Let’s be honest, $30++ for an omelette at PS Café is stretching it a little, isn’t it? As such, it has been FOREVER since I last spent a carefree afternoon at PS Cafe. 

But on Saturday girl friend and I decided that since we were not going to be pigging out at Epicurean Market, we could instead indulge in a classic Truffle Fries and Sticky Toffee Pudding combo at PS Cafe. I dreamt of this combo for days before! I even got myself ready for the calories: no dinner on Friday and a 15km run on Saturday morning. It was totally worth it!

Except that afternoon, we also had two other dishes: Veg & Dips (Hummus, Red Capsicum & Almonds, Olive & Cream Cheese)

And a Coconut Bakewell Tart. Tender coconut sponge atop a thin layer of tangy raspberry jam. Very nice. Shame about the almost non-existence tart shell though.  

 We hit up the Dempsey Road branch as it was the closest to my place. The cafe was packed at 12pm! We waited for a good 15 minutes before securing a table. And by the time we got our tables, we placed an order for the Fries + Pudding even being seated. There was no time to waste. 

All four dishes that afternoon were fineeee. I’m super impressed the standard at this PS Cafe branch has not dropped. The signature Truffle Fries was still mountainous. The Sticky Toffee Pudding with its unusually thick and warm caramel sauce was superb. Efficient friendly service with every dish perfectly executed, it was our lucky afternoon. I spied on other tables some salivating-inducing savouries like the Caesar Salad with the huge grilled prawns, Gado Gado Salad (looked like it was worth a spot on my Instagram wall) and Grilled Vegetables stack. Not the $30++ omelette and scrambled eggs though… I’m saving my money for a dozen eggs from FairPrice. We whiled away the afternoon and browsed some of their magazines. Good times. I will be back but after doling out $35.90 this afternoon. Probably in a couple of months time. 


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