PS Cafe ASH: Could it be any worse?

Well this branch was disappointing. Some of you might have read how swell my last visit to PS Cafe Dempsey was. Last Friday night, armed with three friends who equally love the PS Cafe Truffle Fries, we hit up the ASH branch; most convenient for us CBD-ians. Dead wrong. The food we had was bad and bordered on pathetic. It also did not help that we were shooed out by 8:15pm. Oh, and it burned my weekend too cause I contracted a serious case of food poisoning…

Naturally we ordered the famed Truffle Fries. After looking forward to it for an entire week, what arrived on the beautiful silver plate was the smallest portion I have ever encountered in my entire PS-Cafe-life.

See that plate? What the f was that?! It was devastatingly small. We were so hungry, we promptly inhaled this plate and had another.

One of the main reasons we visited PS Cafe was also due to their brand new PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE CAKE. I’m the biggest PB fan ever known to mankind. I have at least a teaspoon of Adam’s all-natural PB every morning. In my oatmeal, spread on my toast or in my green smoothie; my day must begin with Peanut Butter! When PS Cafe posted on Instagram their new creation, it was all I could think about. And the PB chocolate cake was the first dish I ordered upon being seated. I should have known something wasn’t right when the waitress said she had to check its availability as they were having problems with the frosting last week. I appreciate the honesty but in hindsight, I should have realized something wasn’t right and promptly ordered another cake. But no, since it was available, should be no problem right? Apparently not. The cake was, to put it kindly, lackluster. Actually it sucked big time. Where do I begin? Take a look at the plate that arrived before me…

 This was hardly substantive. In fact, it bordered on sadness. Here’s another view, albeit badly photographed view:

 I didn’t like the cake for the following reasons:

  1. Small portion (the narrowest slice) for $15++;
  2. Unbearably densed single-layered chocolate sponge;
  3. Unbearably thick peanut butter chocolate buttercream – it was so thick I couldn’t spread over the chocolate sponge to salvage the cloying denseness.

It would have been a tragic evening if not for the great company!

I wished the Calamari could have made up for it. Nope.

There was a sticky sweet brown sauce in that little saucer. I couldn’t for the love of god figure out what that gloopy thing was the entire evening.

I ordered a Key Lime Pie to salvage the first bad dessert. What arrived was this sad looking green tart that had more whipped cream than tart…

For the record, I gave up midway. I had enough of the crappiness served at this branch.

Including my friends’ two mains and two other desserts, I paid the $203 and hightailed out of there! PS Cafe ASH, you owe me money.


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