DB Bistro Moderne: Carbs Never Tasted So Good

My Dad turned an epic 66 years old on Saturday and we headed to DB Bistro Moderne (DB) in Marina Bay Sands for his celebratory meal. Dinner surprised me immeasurably as it was one of the rare places where the meal just got better and better as it progressed. Right up to the epic dessert that left us pandering for more. It was an unforgettable dinner deserving a spot on the Internet. 

DB was one of the first celebrity chef restaurants to open at MBS’s inception. In the first months after it opened, I trekked all the way for the supposedly-epic Original db Burger and was sorely disappointed. The dry burger patty filled with foie gras and braised short ribs was undesirable. I didn’t get the hype. So I wrote-off the restaurant, never to return. Fast forward many years later, I have to admit, my expectations for Saturday’s dinner were pretty low. Until they sent out the Bread basket… 

An assortment of three types of breads, the beautiful and shiny round pretzel bread scored loads of approval around the table. I thoroughly enjoyed the Focaccia Bread. Although it was at room temperature, I could not get enough of the tenderness. This carb felt so delicate.  

Prior to ordering, I spotted golden round buns served to other tables and enviously wondered if we would be getting them too. They were! Look away carb-phobes, DB Bistro serves up two types of carb starters. Very evil. Very bad for the waistline but utterly delightful! These Cheese Choux Pastry arrived piping hot and completely hollow. 

Herb-filled, it’s airiness and fluffy texture was made us smile from ear-to-ear. Mr Bouled, thanks for killing my diet! 

Next we moved on to our appetizers. The KALE CAESAR SALAD “PROVENÇALE” with Creamy Garlic & Anchovy Dressing Basil Pistou, Rosemary Croûtons Aged Parmesan was surprisingly good! More than just a simple salad, those croutons uplifted the entire green  

I decided to get another healthy option to start our meal too: a stunning SPICY TUNA TARTARE with Harissa, Cucumber, Mint Yogurt.

 When the cucumber border was peeled off, tiny cubes of fresh tuna marinated in a spicy sauce… Paired with the thin crispy cumin-studded cracker, this made us reach for more.

It’s hard to avoid seafood in DB Bistro. Walk  into the restaurant and you will see a whole row of fresh oysters on beds of ice. My Dad was in awe of it so Birthday Boy deserved a dozen oysters! Our lack of oyster knowledge asked the waiter pick an assortment of variety for us. Shortly thereafter a beautiful platter of two types of French and Washington, U.S.A. Seafood are plated and served up like Gods in DB. 

My Dad was a very happy Birthday boy. At the same time, condiments were served alongside. DB Bistro provides the CUTEST miniature bottle of Tabasco Sauce. Wonderfully convenient as there was no accidental knocking over the bottle.

A while later, we were informed preparation for the main course was to begin. Bring it on! This meant appetiser plates cleared up and for those who ordered burgers, a set of three condiments comprising of ketchup, mayo and some whisky-base sauce. This increased my anticipation for the next course even more!  

Mum and I shared a THE FRENCHIE BURGER Beef Patty Topped with Confit Pork Belly, Caramelized Onions, Morbier Cheese, Arugula, Cornichons Served on a Black Pepper Bun! Knowing we were sharing, they pre-sliced the burger into half for us. Very thoughtful.

DB’s burgers are impressive, alright! Take a look at those perfectly pink medium-rare beef patty! We could have done without the fatty pork belly which tasted a tad too “porkish”. But the exceptional beef patty paired with those fluffy black pepper buns were more than satisfying.  

My Dad was highly recommended the evening’s special: a whole Grilled Mediterranean Sea Bream served alongside Israeli Cous Cous and herbed-yoghurt. It was drop dead gorgeous! My Dad could not get over the freshness of the beautiful charred fish. Plus he totally appreciated them removing most of the bones. Note I can’t say how good it was because he had the whole thing for himself and the rest of us never got the chance for it. Must have been good!

And now the highlight of dinner: desserts. I would highly recommend saving tummy space for them. Or actually visit DB only if you are willing to go “all out” as the desserts are rich and generously-portioned; a meal in itself! 

It was hard to miss the Apple Crumble. The dish required two people to serve.  First to arrive was this massive scorching-hot gratin of apple crumble. Then another server behind places a huge plate of two scoops of vanilla ice-cream with fresh whipped cream. This dessert took down our table of seven adults… It was huge! Underneath those crunchy buttery crumbles was a sticky sweet mixture of luscious soft apples… Very dreamy. Plus there was vanilla pod-studded ice-cream to accompany it. Oh yeah, definitely bring your friends to share and enjoy this.

I could not resist a good old American Sundae! The Peanut Butter-fanatic in me had no problem choosing the PEANUT BUTTER with Salted Caramel, Flourless Chocolate Cake and Peanut Butter Ice Cream. This simple-sounding dessert hit home! Packed with varying textures and tones of sweetness, I only had one word for it: WOW! American Sundaes are in a world of their own! Who else makes a barrage of junky sinful ingredients so much fun and addictively good together?!  

Those Ferrero Rocher-looking balls you see above burst to reveal pure smooth caramel. Absolutely decadent!

Not photographed at the bottom of the cup were more exciting elements: crunchy chocolate pearls with shards of chocolate brittle. You will not stop eating this. 

Knowing it was my Dad’s birthday and disallowing us to cut our own Birthday cake, the restaurant surprised us with the BIG basket of DB’s famous mini Madeleines. I heard much of this little pillows and THEY WERE SO FREAKING FLUFFY AND LIGHT. Indeed little pillows of pure joy! Arriving piping hot, finally I get the hype. Guess who has turned into a member of the DB Madeline fan club? I’m eying that Presidential role, for the record. 

With eager to please wait staff and rich food, it was an unforgettable evening. Daniel Bouled, you are an evil evil man for making carbs soooooo delicious.    


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