Churro 101 Singapore: Korea’s Delicious Churros Are Here!!! 

On 12th October, there will be a sweet addition to the Singapore F&B scene. A whole new game player! South Korea’s very own Churro101 has arrived and ready to show us Singaporeans what we have been missing out. Back in April on a trip to Seoul, I got a Chocolate Ganache-filled after hearing rave reviews. Fried and piped to order, the light crispy yet chewy dough was remarkable. Filled with the thick chocolate ganache, it was an unforgettable snack. Plus the tagline “Better than a boyfriend” was hilarious! Seoul was the last place on earth I would find a churro much less ones that rival those in Spain. In fact it was better than the one and only I had in Spain last October! So you can imagine how excited I was when its iconic bright yellow posters started floating up on social media. Come mid-October, get your churro fix in Bugis+.

Last weekend I was invited to a Family and Friend’s tasting session. Needless to say, I did not even need to reconsider the invitation!! I moved my working out schedule for this tasting session. Prior to the tasting session, I ran three hours on the treadmill(!) I arrived to the tasting session all ready to fuel up. We sampled almost every flavour and variety offered.

Churro 101 offers three types of churros. For the purists, there are the simple ones: simply dusted with sugar or cinnamon sugar. For the adventurous, filled ones such as Chocolate Ganache, Milk Custard or Cream Cheese. Or if you are adventurous and hungry, elaborate chocolate-coated studded with roasted almonds, strawberry or coconut. There is something for all sweet tooth at Churro 101.

My first churro of the afternoon was the chocolate ganache-filled. I needed to compare with the one and only churro I had in Seoul.

On first bite of the hot dough and indulgent ganache, memories of Seoul came flooding back. The luscious chocolate ganache contrasted perfectly with the slightly sweet cinnamon-sugared dough. The chocolate ganache was as glorious as the one in Seoul. The dough, on the other hand, was excellent but less crisp and just a little denser than the Seoul counterpart. However I was heartened to learn that the Singapore company recognised this. They are still tweaking the dough recipe ahead of its grand opening on 12th October. I managed to try the Milk Custard-filled variation. The custard’s subtle sweetness will be perfect for those not up for the filling chocolate.

Of the three types, my two girlfriends and I liked the simple ones best. The fragrant cinnamon sugar brought out the dough best. We liked the chocolate-coated ones least. Even though it is the most Instagram-worthy, the coatings overpowered the delicious crisp dough. And it was downright filling! We struggled to finish one.      

I left the tasting session with a chocolate ganache-filled for my friends. Hours after I stole a few bites and delighted to report, the Churro held up! Sure it was less crisp but the creamy chocolate ganache was still so good. The addition of Churro 101 in Singapore will be a much enjoyed and delightful option for us sweet-toothed. And there are massive expansion plans already in the works. I look forward to the opening day at its Bugis+ flagship in mid-October. Of course, I highly suggest you get your appetite ready for it too. 🙂


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