Cedele’s Caramel Sea Salt Tiramisu Cake

Eating out is always a gamble. You could go to one place, have an extraordinary slice of cake only to return a week later not experiencing the same first-bite magic. However I have always been lucky with Cedele Bakery’s cakes. Maybe its because I have figured out how to “go about it.” For one thing, I can always trust their cakes to be served solid-cold. Hence I have taken it upon myself, to be a complete diva, and request the slice to be heated up in their microwave for several seconds. Every single time. No matter which branch I visit, they always oblige. Sometimes they have a quizzical look upon hearing my request but most times they don’t. Maybe they know about the solid-cold-cakes situation too?

Warming up the slices make the biggest difference in the world. The sponge cake texture is always looser and deliciously tender. The frosting always soft and pliable. It is for this reason, I have a terrible-for-the-waistline soft-spot for Cedele.

Last Friday at Great World City, I needed to satiate my sweet tooth. Cedele has a big beautiful branch in the mall and I was up for a warm slice of cake. When I spotted the Caramel Sea Salt Tiramisu Cake going at a value-for-money $7 per slice, my adventure spirit kicked in. I have never seen this flavour before. Funnily, I do not recall seeing this flavour at any of their Raffles Places branches.

The Caramel Sea Salt Tiramisu Cake was simply fetching. First-bite magic. The slice consisted of two layers of a moist espresso-soaked sponge cake laced with Kahlua and a heavily-whipped mascarpone cheese. Encased in torched meringue and dark chocolate nibs, chopped-up walnuts can be found in between the layers for a crunch element. The textures of the sponge and creamy mascarpone cheese were so moist and smooth, I did not even request for the cake to be returned and warmed up. It was as good as it came. 

Right after my first bite, I could not stop texting and sending photos of this slice to my cake-loving girl friends. Spreading the love. We also had a slice of their Oreo Cheesecake but its bland flavours paled in comparison to the rich tiramisu cake. Who cares?! My only gripe now is, why isn’t the whole cake available for order on Cedele’s website?!


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