Hvala Waffle Bar: Newest Obsession 

Ever since Llao Llao, I have developed an obsession with soft serves especially when paired with Cookie sauce. Recently the same friend who recommended me to Llao Llao, and thereafter responsible for destroying my waistline, said I HAVE to try Hvala Waffle Bar and their cookie sauce. It was only a matter of time before I expanded my waistline further. Last Sunday evening, an opportunity arose to try out Hvala. With a friend, I shared the biggest cup offered: a parfait with red velvet cake crumbs, two toppings and a cookie sauce for $7.90. I LOVED IT! It was first-bite magic.

First up, Hvala’s soft serve was nowhere close to Llao Llao’s tangy froyo. Hvala offers a vanilla bean-speckled soft serve reminiscent of ice cream rather than yoghurt. The best part: delicious! I read on other blogs it could get icy but last Sunday, there was no hint of that. What I tasted was a smooth and creamy ice cream. 

The other components excelled too. The red velvet cake crumbs were unbelievably moist. Together with the vanilla soft serve, was essentially a cake within a cake. We chose two toppings: caramelized bananas and Koko crunch. Topped with a rich cookie sauce, the whole shebang became the best eat of my weekend!!!
I do wonder why Hvala hasn’t snowballed to the size of Llao Llao with new outlets popping up weekly. Then it struck me that it could be the lack of variety. The selection was much lesser than the Llao Llao branch just steps away. So I hope Hvala rotates the variety frequently. If they do then they will prove to be a strong competitor to dear Llao Llao. 

Hvala Waffle Bar
313 @ Somerset #B3-50,

313 Orchard Road Singapore 238895

 Opening Hours: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm


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