[New York] Big Gay Ice Cream 

Food truck turned brick & mortar ice cream joint, Big Gay Ice Cream, has been high on my NYC bucket list. It serves up unique and extravagant soft-serves with equally unique names such as Salty Pimps, Bea Arthur and American Globs. Last night after a superb Italian dinner in West Village, I chanced upon Big Gay at a corner. Instantly I was glad I didn’t have desserts after the pasta.

 I went in and got an American Globs which consisted of Vanilla ice cream, chocolate pretzels, sea salt and chocolate dip. These may sound like simple and normal ingredients but behold Big Gay’s creation:


It was hilarious! It came with a cone but packed so tightly with largely crushed salted pretzels and chocolate-dip, it was too heavy and had to be served lying down. Loll

 But the most important part: taste. It was bang-on unapologetically simple but delicious! Silky smooth vanilla soft serve, largely-crushed crunchy chocolate  pretzels, and dark chocolate dip. It was crunchy, sweet and salty at the same time. Nothing to dislike. Very impressive. It took me a while to to hold up the cone…

Big Gay Ice Cream was worth the calories and hype. Well done.



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