[New York] The Halal Guys Food Truck: Superb Halal Gyro Platter

One of my favourite food in New York City so far has to be the gyro platter from the famous Halal Guys food truck. So good that I have had it twice in two days. It also helps that it is one block away from my hotel. The food is just a platter of finely-chopped up chicken and/or beef over bright orange basmati rice then topped with their infamous White Sauce.   

I got their Combo (chicken and beef) with Falafel which also comes with soft fluffy naan bread. It’s soft without being doughy. 

 A huge portion for just USD$8. 
The White sauce, akin to mayo with spices, is seriously addictive and elevates the whole platter to another level. The Hot sauce is SERIOUSLY spicy! I have high Chilli tolerance but this got me. On my first plate, my lips were on fire from the spiciness and kind of ruined the dish. Hence on my second plate, only a little dotted around the plate.

The chicken is so tender, the orange basmati rice loose and fluffy and the minced beef so crispy – love it!


There are three locations in NYC for one to have this. But one is opening in KL soon. Opened almost all day, I cannot highly recommend this enough. 

Please also note there is a fake halal food truck. Check out this article to spot the difference. 

The Halal Guys

W 53rd St & 6th Ave, New York, New York 10001 (Original Location in front of Hilton)

Opening Hours: 11am – 4am (Mon-Thurs, Sun), 11am – 5:30am (Fri-Sat)

Tel: (347) 527-505


53rd St & 6th Ave (across 6th Ave from above location; SE corner) /10am to 4pm (till 5am on Fri & Sat)

53rd St & 7th Ave / 10am to 5am (till 5am on Fri & Sat)

East Village (NE corner of E 14 St. and 2 Ave) / 11am to 4am (till 5am on Fri & Sat)

Laguardia Community College (Thomas Ave, in front of Building B) / 10am to 8


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